Custom Pink Polaroid Camera Impulse 600 – Film Tested Working by ForgottenCharm

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This is a remarkable camera that I have cleaned up and checked. It remains in outstanding working condition. I have actually checked it with 600 Color Instantaneous Movie from The Impossible Task.

This camera has been modified a small bit by having the faceplate repainted a brilliant berry pink color. It is completely various from other Impulse video cameras out there, making it unique.

I have actually cleaned up the camera and lens with rubbing alcohol and a lot of Q-tips and cotton balls. This cam remains in great condition for its age. The neck strap is likewise in great condition so that you can take this infant anywhere you go. I have actually examined and cleaned the rollers and moving parts in the cam. I have used this video camera generally inside your home with the flash. You can see in the last image a Polaroid that I took with the camera.

Please read my Review on the Polaroid Impulse Video camera in the link listed below:

Electronic camera History:

Created for Polaroid’s 600-series important movie, the Impulse models are comparable in body design to the OneStep or Pronto! models launched for SX-70 movie in that they showcase a non-folding plastic body, single-element plastic lens and repaired focus.

The basic Impulse model as shown here is generally found in a dark gray color, however there were a variety of different colors of Impulse released consisting of yellow, red and light gray. The body is a hard-wearing plastic, and includes rubber grips around the back, a tripod-socket, flash-ready light and film counter. The flash is raised by pressing down onto the top of the system; this likewise turns the cam on and retracts the lens cover.

Functions common to all Impulse fixed-focus designs are:

Single element plastic lens with repaired aperture (116mm, f9)
4 feet minimum focus range.
Exposure compensation controls below lens.
Flash fires for every single shot; can not be user controlled.

You can discover film from the Impossible Project in Black and White and in Color

I would likewise review their individual websites that talk about the film itself. I went through a great deal of film prior to I began to get the hang of it. I would check out the following:

http:// shop.the-impossible-

Appealing let me understand if you have any questions.

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Custom Pink Polaroid Camera Impulse 600 – Film Tested Working by ForgottenCharm



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