Customized Magnetic Spice Rack for Wall: 24 Empty Small (1.5 oz) Jars, Lids Hand-Stamped & Personalized to Pantry, Stainless Steel Plate. by GneissSpice

< p class="rate" > 130,00 USD The CUSTOM-MADE Magnetic Spice Rack Consists of:-:-24 little(1.5 oz) hexagon magnetic containers for
refrigerator -: -Choice of silver, gold or black covers
-:-Personalized hand-stamped spice names< br/ > -:-EMPTY containers to fill with spices from your kitchen
-:-Internal food-safe magnet cap keeps spices and magnets separate
-:-Metal wall plate
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Spices out of reach? Our magnetic spice containers will hold to your fridge. With spices in sight, you’ll utilize them more typically, dishing up fabulous tasty food! Hexagonal shape meshes producing a spice-colored honeycomb pattern. Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from moving. Internal food safe certified magnet cap develops a barrier in between the magnets and spices. Lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh.

< br/ > CUSTOMIZED SPICE NAMES: Please list your name choices throughout check out. Try to restrict names to 9 letters. End words like seed, ground, powder, entire, etc., as you can see these through the jars. We will message you back the list with any revisions we need to make.

Jars are empty, to fill with herbs and spices from your pantry. Little 1.5 oz. jars step 1.75 “broad by 2” tall and hold ~ 1/4 c volume. Grocery containers are frequently larger – purchase spice from bulk area and save packaging! Smaller quantities of spice stay fresh. Or, buy this embeded in larger 4 oz jars:

THIS SET INCLUDES A METAL WALL PLATE. Holes are pre-drilled in corners, but you have to provide your very own hardware particular to your wall surface area. Medium 10 & quot; & quot; x 12 & quot; plate fits up to 30 little(1.5 oz) containers; big 12 & quot; & quot; x 15 & quot; plate fits up to 50 small (1.5 oz) containers. Note: You do not require a wall plate – Jars will hold to your fridge. Very same listing/ no wall plate:

< br/ > Do you need a particular # of jars? Convo me to set up an unique order just for you!
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Jars show up in a box. Add present wrap ($ 3):
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