DAE096B Art Deco / Nouveau Images – Digital Collage Sheet – Printable PDF – You Choose 1×2 & quot; or Bamboo Tiles or Mini Dominoes by ArtisticEphemeraDAEs

3,50 USD

This is a lovely group of 30 Art Deco/ Nouveau featuring ladies, guys, animals and designs. You choose 1x 2 “or Bamboo Tiles (3/4” x 1 1/2 “) or Mini Dominoes (1/2” x 1 1/8 “). Each PDF is 8×10 and will print centered on the 8.5 x 11 “page – Artistic Ephemera collage sheets are not readily available as JPGs.

This listing is for one size only! Choose the size you desire from the drop-down menu – if for some reason the app you’re using (eg, iPhone, and so on) blocks this feature, then simply send us your selection when you make your purchase by means of the ‘message to seller ‘or a convo thru Etsy.

THIS IS A PDF FILE THAT IS EMAILED TO YOU. You will need the FREE Adobe Reader to see/ print this file. You might download it here: get.adobe.com/reader/other versions/ (you can define your operating system – PC or MAC – and select the version) or here: get.adobe.com/reader/ (download the most recent variation ). UNSURE WHAT A PDF IS or have other questions? Kindly check out the Frequently asked questions, provided listed below …

PLEASE READ THE ‘REGARDS TO USAGE’ provided below – in essence, you are complimentary to use the images in your personal art and/ or crafts and for art and/ or crafts you mean to sell (this does NOT consist of web design or any kind of digital graphics). You MAY NOT share the collage sheets with your buddies/ associates, display the images online (unless it’s on your item, then we would prefer that you watermark the image), OR re-sell the images either as the complete sheet or in collections of any size.

FAQ – WHAT ‘S A PDF and HOW DO I SEE/ PRINT IT? A Portable File Format (PDF) file is a file that will look the exact same on the screen and in print, despite what sort of computer or printer somebody is utilizing and despite exactly what software bundle was initially utilized to create it. Although they consist of the complete format of the initial file, including typefaces and images, PDF files are extremely compressed, enabling complex information to be downloaded efficiently.

Frequently Asked Question – WHAT ‘S THE BEST WAY TO PRINT THESE? We advise an excellent quality layered image paper for inkjet printers. We such as the lighter 32-36 lb for printing our bookplates and make use of a hi-res 65lb (11mil) for printing our cards and 8×10 prints, which we sell in our other Etsy store. We sell the much heavier paper in packs of 20 sheets for $ 12.00, so check our shop if you’re interested … just type HI-RES in the search box.

Purchase and download of this collection is considered a binding agreement to my ‘Regards to Usage’ aka, ‘Copyright/ Licensing Agreement.’

The digital file may be conserved to your computer system and printed as sometimes as you like for your own use.

The printed images may be utilized in your personal art and/ or crafts and for art and/ or crafts you plan to sell as a small company; such as jewelry, printed paper crafts (tags, note cards, fixed, etc.), magnets, buttons, and so on. Images may be used as initially presented or in altered type, in limited quantities of not more than 100. We extremely recommend that you position a watermark on your product images to avoid pirating.

Images may NOT be handed out or shared in any kind, online or otherwise. This includes emailing the images, in part or the total collection, to friends or acquaintances; publishing the file to a server for downloads by others; or utilize in a public forum (eg, Internet Site, reviews, books, television, and so on).

Images might NOT be copied and marketed as a collection or part of a collection, of any size in any format (digital, print, and so on). This includes producing PaintShopPro tubes, PhotoShop brushes, PhotoShop Overlays, collage sheets, or any other type of duplication.

Thank you, ahead of time, for respecting my ‘Terms of Usage’ and the time, effort, and expense it takes to obtain the individual images and produce these improved digital collections.

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