Decorate With Beach Stones And Make Summer Endless

Decorate With Beach Stones And Make Summer Endless

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Rocks aren’t exactly the most convenient thing to collect, but over the years I’ve managed to amass a small congregation of them. Picked up from rivers, streams, and ocean shores, smoothed by thousands of years of elemental exposure, when I find one with an interesting striation or shape, into my pocket it goes, along with small shells and other tokens of the natural world.

When you come to my home, you may not notice this odd collection at first, as they’re not kept all together. You might spy a stone sitting at the base of a plant, or a few stacked in a cairn on a windowsill; they’re scattered throughout, catching my eye every now and then and reminding me of summer and stress-free days spent by the water’s edge.

It’s second nature to want to keep collections together, displayed as one, but your compilation of treasures can also look lovely dotted throughout your space. Collect a few palm-perfect, time-smoothed stones on your next hike or road trip and create a tiny trail marker atop your dresser to remind you of where you’ve traveled.

Stones add complementary texture to plants, bouquets, and vases. If you picked up a few air plants after reading Jana’s post last week, perch them on top of an assemblage of stones and multi-colored shells to accentuate their unique shape.

I always keep a few small pebbles scattered on my bathroom shelf. Dotted among apothecary bottles, vials of perfume, and small potted plants, they bring a natural element to a space that often gets neglected.

A handful of stones placed on top of potting soil to accompany houseplants works twofold: The natural texture adds elemental interest while also assisting in discouraging vengeful cats who want nothing more than to uproot the aloe plant you’ve spent so long nurturing.

Do you have a strange or unexpected collection? Please share!

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