Desert Drift: Images from the Sahara

The free spirit, led by curiosity to the places she could only ever imagine…

The lines between reality and dreams are muted
As she travels through the dunes of the Sahara in a wind storm.

With light that gave no sign of a day’s end or beginning
She walked across the calm desert floor
No expectations of a destination
The journey of an audacious dreamer was the reward.

Flashing memories of a journey taken before
She suddenly finds familiarity in the surrounding storm
The warmth of the sand rolling over her feet
The fabric of her dress dancing to the rhythm of the wind
The eerie gray of the sky that muted the sun’s power
She was not to be awakened, for she was living her dream.

Written by Melodi Meadows. Modeled by Hana Jirickova and Melodi Meadows.

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