Dichroic Barrette – 2.5 & quot; / 6.5cm SMALL – Cobalt Blue Navy Metallic Fused Glass Ripple Waves – Purple Highlights by HaydenBrook

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Dichroic Barrette – 2.5 & quot; & quot;/ 6.5 cm SMALL – Deep Cobalt Blue Metallic Fused Glass Ripple Waves – Purple Emphasizes … … … Ripples and waves … light-weight, spectacular color … tactile structure … this is a spectacular barrette |! Offered individually

We have a HUGE choice of BEAUTIFUL glass barrettes |! The glass smithing was all performed in the studios of Hayden Brook. Hayden believes that their barrettes are the best in the market … in terms of variety of designs, and affordability. Keep checking back with us. We will be updating the barrettes, and you will see heaps of variety. (I enjoy these barrettes. I personally have about 25 of them. They are amazing. Some fairly conservative. Some utterly wild.)

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At Hayden Brook Studios, we work mostly with dichroic glass. Di-chroic ways two colored, or multicolored). This kind of glass transfers light in one wavelength, & reflects light in 2 other wavelengths. It is typical for dichroic glass to appear as 2 or 3 different colors, all at once. Dichroic glass is coated with electronically excited metallic particles in a vacuum chamber, at elevated temperatures. In our studio, we begin with huge sheets of glass which we cut into small pieces. These pieces are specially arranged & melted together in a kiln to form our precious jewelry.

The metal barrette back is made in France (that’s the highest quality kind). This barrette has been handcrafted at Hayden Brook Studios. FL, U.S.A.

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|||Stunning! Beautiful! Stunning! Extremely well made! Such talented artists !!

|||Fantastic product. Received it rapidly and the color of the barrette was just as explained. Stunning. Will purchase from this store again.

|||I am MORE than pleased with my purchases. They are even more beautiful than they appeared on a computer system screen. I have actually gotten so lots of compliments and others want details about where I bought them. Thank you a lot. I will be buying more fashion jewelry for family members.

And you can go to our feedback page to read numerous thousand more comparable evaluations |!
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https://www.etsy.com/shop/HaydenBrook/search?search_query=barrette&search_submit=&search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_6059560&shopname=HaydenBrook!.?.!Можно buy on Etsy for HaydenBrook