Dichroic Glass Etching Stencils, Vinyl Judaica Stencils, With PDF Tutorial for Etching Dichroic Glass by WhiteSandsGlass

9,50 USD

Engrave your own dichroic glass! These are high quality vinyl stencils, the very same ones I utilize for my pendants and earrings. These are cut from self adhesive vinyl, and are one use stencils. The blue in the picture is the part that will certainly NOT be engraved.

You will certainly recieve:
* 30 stencils, as revealed
* Transfer paper to move the stencils to your glass
* A 12 page PDF Tutorial, with photos of the process, a list of products, and examples of the etched glass and completed pieces.

The tutorial shows how to chemical etch (you will certainly need glass etching cream) but these stencils can likewise be made use of for light sandblasting on your glass.

The tutorial will certainly be emailed to you within 24-HOUR of your order, the vinyl stencils will be delivered within 2 business days.

These stencils have to do with 3/4 & quot;& quot;, sized to fit on a 1 & quot; & quot; x 1 & quot; piece of glass

. Are you searching for a various size or design? I can make custom stencils up to 8 & quot; & quot; x10 & quot; in size. These can also be made use of on regular glass … mirrors, drinking glasses, stemware and mugs, accessories, bevels … let your imagination be your guide! I will certainly be delighted to make you a custom-made listing. Please convo me and we’ll talk!

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