DIY Boot Chains: Dress Up Your Favorite Shoes For Fall

DIY Boot Chains: Dress Up Your Favorite Shoes For Fall

If they’re not already, boots should most definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. A pair of timeless black ankle boots have the ability to make even the sweetest of summer dresses suddenly feel tough, and take a simple jeans-and-tee look from “laundry day” to date night.

With the launch of FP collection shoes, now there are even more options for the upcoming season, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a new pair for myself. But even the most amazing pair of boots can use some dressing up every now and then, which is where boot chains come in. I first encountered this unique jewelry at a flea market some years ago, where I purchased my first set of chains: A pair of gold novelty spurs from the ’70s (they’re amazing). Since then I’ve collected a few more sets, and today I’m showing you how to make your own!

Materials (makes two):

Chain in varying lengths and sizes
2 lengths of 7″ chain
2 lengths of 6″ chain
2 lengths of 5″ chain
4 lengths of 9″ chain

Long nose pliers

Jewelry O-rings

Jewelry fasteners (a hook fastener is the easiest to get on and off)

Since each pair of boots is different, I recommend wearing the boots while you work so you’re able to try on the boots chains as you assemble them. You’ll also be able to measure on your own foot, and make adjustments as you go.

The first length of chain you’ll be cutting will be the one you’ll attach the fastener to. It should be about 7″ — long enough to hook just above your heel and have a little give to it. Once you’ve cut the chain, use the pliers and O rings to attach the fastener finding to either end.

The second and third (and however many more you want) lengths of chain will be slightly shorter than the one before it (about 7″, 6″, and 5″). Again, use the pliers to trim and attach each length to the original base chain.

To make sure the chain cascades correctly, center each chain and attach it to the length that came before.

Once you’ve created the main (front) section of the boot chain, cut double lengths — about 9″ each — and run them under the heel of your boot, attaching each end to the first chain with an O ring. This will anchor the boot chain so it stays in place while you walk.

If you have any left over pieces of chain, you can attach them to the side to make a tassel.

When you’re ready to wear your boot chains, simply slip the front section over the top of the boot, and the two anchoring chains under the heel, fastening the clasp behind the heel of your foot.

Do you have tips for dressing up a favorite pair of boots? Let us know!

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