DiY Craft Kit ~ 5 Sets ~ Glass Pendant Blanks ~ Cabochons Settings Jewelry ~ 30x40mm Oval ~ Bezels, Necklaces, FX Glass Tiles, Sample Glaze by SunAndMoonCraftKits

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Do It Yourself Craft Kit ~ 5 Sets ~ Glass Pendant Blanks ~ Cabochons Settings Fashion jewelry ~ 30x40mm Oval ~ Bezels, Necklaces, FX Glass Tiles, Sample Glaze

This Craft Kit Consists of
5- 30x40mm Oval Pendant Trays
5- 30x40mm Oval Glass Cabochons
5 – 24 & quot; & quot; Vintage Style Chain Or Rolo Chain Or Ball Chain

Use Sun and Moon Glaze To Adhere Your Images To Glass:
https:// noting/ 62600457/ sun-and-moon-glaze-smg4? ref = shop_home_active

If anybody keeps up on FB then you acknowledge the images used in this listing … These are 2 of my preferred images. The little kittycat is on a big road, however he walks it like he is the KING. I just wish to get him up and simply reveal him so much LOVE. Then the other feline is concealed behind a crack in the wall. LoVe … I had so much enjoyable making these. I understand you will certainly too … Particularly when you can find the ideal image to finish these.

Add a distinct touch to your creations with these gorgeous 22x30mm
oval pendant trays.

The design of these pendant trays allows you making your finished
pieces look either vintage or modern depending upon the surface that you
choose and the image that you use. The glass dome inserts actually take
them to the next level!

Available Surfaces:

:: Shiny Silver
:: Vintage Copper
:: Vintage Bronze
:: Gunmetal

The trays themselves are 30 X 40mm with a 4X6mm loop opening.

-: * ¨ ¨ *: – If this is your very first time making picture pendant kits, I extremely recommend you start with the glass pieces before you even position them in the trays due to the fact that you want the image under the glass to be ideal or without bubbles or glittery results prior to you position them in the trays. If you have any problems send me a message and I will give you my phone number or we can talk through convo to make sure everything is appropriate before you start the remainder of the project. With every purchase you will receive a tutorial so do not worry. It’s not rocket science but it will be a blast in it’s own way. I have constantly said it is extremely ADDICTIVE when you begin developing a few of these pieces. Trust me, I do understand! We Like producing and finding brand-new pieces that we can bring to you! Xo, Gina -: * ¨ ¨ *: –

Here’s how I make my pendants utilizing pendant trays:

1. I print my image on 90lb card stock utilizing a color laser printer,
2. I then put a charitable quantity of our Sun And Moon Glaze on the back of the glass insert,
3. Then I get the glass, turn it over, and location it straight onto my image,
4. Then I let it sit and dry for a number of hours and afterwards cut off the excess paper,
5. I then apply a & quot; & quot; thin & quot; layer of glaze over the back of the paper and let that dry for a couple of hours,
6. After that, put a tiny bit of Sun And Moon Glaze inside the bezel cup then I position my glass piece that I made inside the bezel cup and center it.

This is an extremely simple project and the results are merely lovely!

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