DIY Fruit Rind Air Fresheners

DIY Fruit Rind Air Fresheners

This little trick that I’m about to introduce you to might just be the simplest and most natural way to get rid of bad odors. Not having a space smell fresh and clean is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. In my room, I constantly have incense or candles burning whenever I’m home to give off a warm and inviting scent. In addition to incense or candles, you can easily make an all natural air freshener with just a few simple ingredients – here’s how!

Sea salt is going to do most of the work here since it has the ability to soak up bad odors.

You’ll also need:

Fresh citrus fruit (orange, lemon or lime will work)

Fresh herbs or spices



First, choose whatever fruit you are going to use and slice it in half. It’s best to use citrus fruits because their scents are strong and fresh. Remove the inner fruit from the rind by using a knife or spoon, then fill the half up with sea salt. The salt has the ability to release the smell of the citrus while pulling in the unwanted ones.

You can place various herbs and spices in with the sea salt too. I put basil in the orange, mint in the lime, and cloves in the lemon. It’s fun to come up with different scent combinations!

To use, place the salt filled rinds in various places where bad smells tend to linger. If you have pets, be sure to place these in a spot that is out of reach for them!

After a few days, replace with a fresh rind and salt – easy at that!

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