DIY Hoop & Yarn Wall Hanging For Your Home

DIY Hoop & Yarn Wall Hanging For Your Home

I love adding new visual elements to my home: A piece of artwork created by a close friend, a photograph taped to a wall, or something small created with my own two hands.

I find it especially necessary to create when I’m feeling uninspired. Sometimes breaking through a creative block is as simple as just making one small thing – anything. I’d been feeling creatively stumped recently, when, on a trip to the craft store, I stumbled upon these metal hoops in the leather craft section. One thing lead to another, and today I’m sharing with you how I created this simple wall hanging – the perfect project to help jump start your creativity for the new season.


Metal hoop

Metal binder hoop

‘D’ ring (found in the sewing section)

Leather cord

Cotton twine or yarn


Gold paint



The hoops I found were silver, but I prefer the warmth of gold or bronze, so first I painted them with gold acrylic paint. You can also use spray paint for a more even finish.

Next, wrap the binder ring tightly with a length of yarn and tie or glue the end down.

Arrange the rings inside one another and fasten them together with a length of string. It was a little tricky to get the balance right, and you may want to use some super glue to fasten the rings together so they don’t bunch up when hung.

Knot the leather cord around the top and fasten it together to create a loop to display your hanging from.

Next, cut even lengths of string and begin tying it to the flat end of the ‘D’ ring.

Trim the ends so the string is even – of course, you can cut the string at any angle you want, or leave the lengths uneven fore a more organic look.

Decorate the hanging with beads and the crystal, or anything else you’d like to show off. This would be a great way to display shells you’ve collected over the summer, or dried flowers from your garden. And there you have it! Simple & beautiful.

If you create one, be sure to let us know!

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