Doberman Pinscher dog, star ornament, free personalizing 22k gold by Nicole by NicoleOrnaments

8,95 USD

The ceramic accessories are hand made and signed by Nicole; the image is fired into the glaze, personalized with 22kt gold and fired again.

You might select any shape, tree, round, star and heart. The accessories balance sizes 2 3/4 & quot; x 2 3/4 & quot;.

Free individualizing with “22kt gold” it might take a few more days before shipping because of the shooting. If you’re interested send me a message with the pet’s name. The year may be painted on the front or on the back. A gold color wire is consisted of.

The following dog breeds are now available in the heart, round, star and tree shapes:
Airedale, akita, bassett hound, beagle, bearded collie, Belgian shepherd, bernese mountain, bichon fries, border collie, border terrier, boston terrier, boxer, bulldog, cairn terrier, cavalier king Charles, Chihuahua, chow chow, cocker spaniel, collie, dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman, English bull terrier, English setter, French bulldog, german shepherd, golden retriever, great dane, Fantastic pyrenee, grey hound, irish setter, jack Russell, ALL LABORATORIES, lhasa apso, mastiff, Newfoundland, Norfolk terrier, old English sheepdog, Papillon, Pekingese, pointer, Pomeranian, poodles, pugs, Rhodesian ridgeback, Rottweiler, Samoyed, schnauzer, scotty, shar pei, shi tzu, Siberian husky, springer spaniel, st Bernard, Staffordshire, weimaraner, welsh corgie, westie, wheaton terrier, yorky.

Feline Breeds: Abyssinian, Black Cat, Bi-color, Burmese, Calico Chinchilla, European Blue, Himalayan, Norwegian Forest, Persians, Russian Blue Siamese, Tabby, White

Wildlife: Bears, black panther, Chimp, Coyote, Deers, Fox, Koalas, Tiger, Lion, Moose, Mountain Lion, Pandas, Tiger, Sphinx, Wolves

Birds, Parrots, Horses, Rabbits,

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