Dog Paws and Bones hemp dog leash by collarswithcolor

15,00 USD

Hemp canine leashes with readily available matching collars by Collars With Color – handmade with care in Peoria, IL!

Black pet paws and milk bones on a white background.

** Standard Sizes **

Requirement size is 4 feet. Custom-made sizes likewise offered – simply ask.

** Available Upgrades **

Matching collar: dog-paws-and-bones-hemp-dog-collar

Collar and leash combination pack – purchase together and save: hemp-dog-collar-and-leash-combo-buy

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** Why hemp? What makes Collars With Color ecologically friendly? **

Hemp is a fiber that is soft, durable, hypoallergenic, absorbant and resistant to mold, which can last as long or longer than many fabrics. One acre of plants can produce more than ten lots of dry item each year, making it among the fastest growing and sustainable crops on the planet. It can grow at this rate without pesticides and herbicides, which pollute the land and waterways. When it’s finally time to retire your hemp collar, the hemp is biodegradable.

At Collars With Color, we’re dedicated to the environment. Whenever possible, we make use of eco-friendly items and procedures making our items. We partner with to offset everything we produce, providing your item a net effect to the environment of absolutely no. This includes everything from the production of the raw materials to shipping to your door.

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