Donkey KUNSTLERSCHUTZ W. Germany Label Wagner Handwork Figurine Flocked by Crybabe

20,00 USD vintage West Germany KUNSTLERSCHUTZ Donkey figurine with fur in excellent used condition.
Original label likewise in excellent condition. Extremely collectible.
(Please excuse the lint)

These antiques are flocked animals made by the Wagner Handwork (Fritz Wagner Arts and Crafts) business of Germany. These animals are also understood as Wagner-Tiere (in their homeland) and “”Kunstlerschutz”animals(a name based upon a copyright-related word that appears on older labels).

Each animal was made by hand from a paper-and-clay-based composition “”blank,” “then covered, or gathered, with cotton fibers. Color was applied next, using nontoxic paints. Fine details such as claws, nostrils, eyebrows, spots, and the ever-present smile were also handpainted.

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