Double Tips Deluxe Spill Proof Needlecase in Denim Paisley for tips and circs by GracesCases

129,00 USD

This Deluxe Spillproof Needlecase keeps all of your needles organized. Book-style case holds the following:

-4 sets interchangeable needle pointers sizes 3-11
-Cable televisions (4 pockets with labels for sizes)
-Various set circulars (6 pockets with labels for sizes)
-Ideas (2 additional huge zippered pockets)

Suggestion and cables pages can be separately eliminated and connected together to make a smaller travel pack with a huge external zip pockets which can be made use of in too numerous ways to list.

Case is actually spillproof! The special combination of products made use of avoid the needles and suggestions from slipping out, and each round or cable television pocket separately snaps closed. You can in fact take this case and shake it upside down and nothing will fall out.

Round and Cable television pockets are designed to fit typical plan sizes and have slots for size labels. Needle Pockets can also be easily identified with a marker or sticker labels. Each case separately sewn with quality materials.

Dimensions: 8×12 closed (around 1 & quot; & quot; thick) and 16×12 open.

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