Dressed Mouse / Bunny Class COMBINED Needle Felting Class to create BOTH the Bunny and Mouse in PDF files (Kit Available and sold separately) by barby303

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Meet Peanut Bunner & Jilly Sannich the bunny and mouse class mascots in the 2nd and Third images. They are the mouse and bunny you would create in this class. I am publishing other images of dressed mice and bunnies on this listing just to show you what is possible after you discover ways to make your very own Peanut Bunner and Jilly Sannich!

This is a class I am selling. I am not selling the real mouse, bunny, squirrel, house or owls. The pattern for this class is to create a dressed mouse and bunny only as shown in the Second and 3rd image.

Kits for this class are available also and there are NO guidelines in the kits as they are a friend to this PDF Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class. Examine the left area column in my Etsy shop and you will certainly see a kits section. If you do not see the dressed kit it might suggest I sold out, however I would have more kits available in a day or 2. I have other kits for my different classes so please check out thoroughly to be sure you acquire the $ 25.00 dressed mouse and bunny kit.

OOAK Wool Needle Felted Dressed MOUSE & BUNNY Class

By Barby Anderson © 2011

I respectfully ask that you do not duplicate my class in any method as it is completely copyrighted. This is how I make my living and I value you not sharing this class with anyone else.


After purchasing this needle felting class I will certainly be sending you the class and pattern by means of e-mail in PDF files. The clothes pattern is likewise in a PDF accessory and is the actual size after printing out a copy of the pattern. I do not send this class to your house through physical mail, once again I send it to your email address on PDF files.

This class is completely copyrighted, Barby Anderson © 2011. You may produce the mouse and bunny from this class at your leisure as there is no set time to complete your job. As soon as you acquire the PDF files of this class it is yours and you may create your mouse and bunny whenever you would such as. I work in my studio 6 days a week and am pleased to aid any student with their needle felted mouse or bunny.

I am very delighted to share my expertise on needle felting through my PDF & quot; & quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot; to aid you produce your own 3-1/ 2 & quot; & quot; needle felted mouse and bunny. Yes, this class teaches you ways to make BOTH the dressed mouse and dressed bunny in addition to suggestions on ways to produce a closed eye critter too! This listing is for my & quot; & quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot; © 2011 sent to your e-mail address in PDF files and not for the real wool bunny or mouse that are shown in the pictures, nor the owl or house or other props. Once again, the pattern for the clothes remains in a PDF attachment. The clothes pattern consisted of is simply like the clothes & quot; & quot; Peanut & quot; and & quot; Jilly & quot; I am putting on. If you would like a buddy kit with wool provides it is in another listing sold separately in my Etsy store. Please email me through my Etsy shop if you have concerns.

I do require that anyone that develops and sells a similar mouse or bunny from this class to enhance their listing or hang tag & quot; & quot; The initial pattern was created by Barby Anderson, copyright 2011. & quot; & quot; Barby Anderson Etsy ID: barby303

I have 132 colored photos for you to follow in this PDF class along with my easy-to-read guidelines under the pictures. You might print one copy of this class for your records and it is not to be shared with any other individual.

& Quot; & Quot; Needle Felted Dressed Mouse and Bunny Class & quot;

& quot; This will be a five-lesson class as shown below:

Lesson # 1- Wrapping and needle felting the body

Lesson # 2- Making the tail for the mouse and producing the head

Lesson # 3- Producing the clothing and deals with for the mouse and bunny

Lesson # 4- Completing the face, creating the ears and eyelids plus finishing the inseam to the romper

Lesson # 5- Creating closed eyes, including the bunny tail and elf hat, plus putting a brown overlay for the mouse’s head

A supply list will certainly be included in your first lesson.

The images of the dressed mouse and bunny in this listing are examples of exactly what you would be learning how to produce. The mouse and bunny you will certainly be developing have black bead eyes, a pink nose and mouth and pinkish flesh ears. The mouse and bunny are needle felted from wool and have wire armatures inside the limbs for presenting, plus a string jointed head for motion. Everybody needle felts a little differently therefore each development by each student will differ. I have actually consisted of lots of pictures of the class mouse and bunny with detailed instructions in the five class lessons. This class was created for beginning needle felters, nevertheless it is challenging enough for the more innovative needle felter. The class teaches you how to create a mouse and bunny with hand sewed clothes. There are a couple of easy embroidery stitches you might utilize to embellish the outfits and you might look up the standard stitches online. I do not teach the real embroidery stitches, nevertheless I discuss which stitches I have on the attire and there are lots of ways to embellish their clothing.

For those who have not needle felted this is a process of jabbing fluffy wool with a barbed needle numerous times to shape a shape. Needle felting is basically shaping and repainting with wool! The wool mouse and bunny you will certainly be developing is not intended for children or animals.

Pipspatterns made the extraordinary owl, squirrel and crow companions for my animals, twolefthands made the darling homes, buttonsbyrobin makes remarkable mini buttons for the pockets, dreamalittle7 makes the wee bird pals that my animals hold in their arms.

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