Duality Deck – artist oracle deck and booklet with card meanings, illustrated and written by Tanya Bond by tanyabond

33,00 USD< p class="description"> This listing is for Duality Deck, booklet and koi bag (colour and design may differ)

This deck is self-published by the artist (and author) in a little edition of 1000 copies. Over a 100 of them are already sold.

< br/ > For the previous 6 months I have been working on a Duality Deck – my personal take on an Oracle deck that will have my images on the cards and the pamphlet of meanings. The main function of this Deck is to bring peace into your thoughts and feelings when it pertains to locations of your life that you are currently not so happy about. It can likewise be used as a message for the day where the significances of the cards might suggest what to focus on throughout the day. And as with many oracle decks the magic is not in the cards, however in you choosing the best card for your situation. For art enthusiasts this deck would make a nice collection of mini-prints if oracle decks are not your thing.

The cards are 3×5 inches, big enough to delight in the artwork, yet still manageable when it comes to. shuffling.There will be 26 cards in overall

If you would like to get a sample one card reading with Duality Deck before you purchase it – please send me a message

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