Duff Beer Bottle Opener by Empira

8,00 USD

& quot; & quot; Can not get enough of that wonderful Duff! & quot;
& quot; After a long shift at the Nuclear reactor, you are worthy of a high, wintry glass of domestic beer. And exactly what better way to open your favored bottle than with a Duff brand bottle opener?

The bottle opener is a restaurant-quality bottle opener from American Metalcraft, with a bottle screw on one end and a can opener on the other. Made of premium stainless steel and oak, and laser-engraved with a reference to the name and motto of Duff Beer, the fictional beer brand in the Simpsons TV program.

Opener is 6.125 & quot; & quot; long, 1.5 & quot; large,.5 & quot; thick.

I will endeavor to load and ship your order within 1 week after clearing PayPal and I deliver by means of USPS First Class mail, which provides in 1 to 3 days in the US

Let me know if you have any unique packaging requests (such as delivering direct to a present recipient or including a customized note). I enjoy to require most sensible demands!

So drop in the Kwikee Mart and buy a six pack of your favorites, be it Duff, Duff Lite, Duff Dry or Girl Duff. You can feel safe in the understanding that you’ll never have to look dumbly at that bulletproof bottle cap again, teeth hurting from trying to munch it off like an animal. Now you have a Duff brand bottle opener and everything is going to be all right soon.

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