E005 Petticoat Your choice of Style Length Size & Ribbon Color All Girl’s from Toddlers to Women’s Lovely Undergarment Made to Order by fwcreations4All

< img src ="https://diycraftsrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/il_570xN.554102560_69r5.jpg"border= "0"width="570" height ="429"/ > 10,00 USD An extremely quite petticoat that has a cotton yoke with an elastic waistband and your choice of the number of tiers and layers of netting. The top layer of netting, on each tier, if appropriate, will be decorated with satin, organza, or grosgrain ribbon trim. Please enter your ribbon design in the message box at checkout otherwise I will select the ribbon for you: D

The netting is connected to the cotton yoke and the leading edges are covered with ribbon. The ribbon, which decorates the bottom edge of the leading layer of netting for each tier, where applicable, is available in a variety of colors that you will pick from when you make your purchase.

This petticoat is ideal to wear under a variety of costumes such as pioneer, prairie, colonial, & frontier gowns and also costumes from storybook characters like Little Bo Peep, Red Riding hood, Little Miss Muffet and lots of. others

***** KEEP IN MIND: You can have the cotton yoke and netting made in colors other than white if you ‘d like. Just get in that info in the message box at checkout.: D *****

< br/ > PLEASE checked out carefully and let me understand if you have any questions: D

Lot: E 005< br/ > Size: Little Lady’s, Girl’s

& Women’s Please send me the following measurements and refer to the last photo above to see where to take the measurements: # 2 – waist, # 9 – Outseam, from the waist to the length that you desire the petticoat. Please review the following to choose your petticoat …

Petticoats can be made in the following lengths & tiers. Additional layers will be placed approx. 2 to 3 inches above the layer beneath it; the lengths listed below are the length measurements for the bottom layer
Please choose the number and letter combination that you require …

< br/ > Lengths … # 1- & quot;. Up to 15 & quot;
< br/ > # & quot; 2- 16 & quot;
to 25 & quot;
# 3-26 & quot; to 35 & quot;< br/ > # 4- 36 & quot; to 45 & quot; < br/ > Tiers & Layers
… A-One Tier, Single Layer B – 2 Tiers, Single Layers
< br/ > C- Three Tiers, Single Layers
< br/ > D-One Tier, Double Layers< br/ > E-2 Tiers, Double Layers
< br/ > F -Three Tiers,
Double Layers G-One Tier, Triple Layers

H- Two Tiers, Triple Layers,
I -Three Tiers, Triple Layers< br/ > How this works … You will select your length for the bottom or very first tier of netting from the NUMBERS above. This length includes the skirt yoke that the netting connects to, so please measure from the waist to the length you desire. Next, you will choose if you desire each tier to be a single layer, 2 layers or 3 layers of netting by choosing the LETTER from above. Then look for your number and letter combination in the drop box at checkout.

For instance: You want two tiers with double layers of netting at a length of 28 & quot;&
quot;. You would pick # 3 & E, from the drop box and go into 28 & quot; & quot; for the length, the waist measurement & also your ribbon choice – satin, organza or grosgrain in the message box at checkout.

***** NOTE: the petticoat in the photo is a two tier single layer petticoat with pink organza ribbon … # 3 & B *****

Any Concerns ??? Please contact me: D

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