Earth and Sky Crochet Head wrap and Earrings by Geminisunshine

(P class =”image”

)( img src=””border=” 0″width=” 570 “height=”429″/ )( p class= “price”) 45,00 USD (p class=”description”)Peace! This Earth and Sky Crochet Head wrap is made with acrylic yarn in a variegated mix of sky blue, dark and light brown colors. It will completely cover medium length locks / hair and can extend to fit longer locks / hair

(br /)( br /)( br /) Size: Grownup, one size fits most
(br /)Area: 22 & quot;
& quot; (br / )The crochet head covers procedure about 13 inches long and can extend to16 inches long.

(br / )( br /)The earrings are made with acrylic yarn.
(br /)Earring hooks are surgical steel.

(br /) (br /)Earring size: 3 1/2 inches in length. 2.5 inches in size.

(br / )( br /)( br /) And obviously the primary active ingredient is positive vibes:)

(br /) (br /) (br /) Thank you for looking
(br /) Peace and Blessing

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