Easy Deviled Eggs

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Serves: 3,Yield: 6deviled eggs
  • About This Recipe

    “This adopted recipe has already received many good reviews and is the way I have always fixed deviled eggs.Since these are just basic deviled eggs, use your imagination and add anything you want. Double or triple the recipe if desired.Cooking time includes time to cook the eggs.”


  • 3largeeggs, hard-cooked
  • 2tablespoonsmayonnaise
  • 1/2 teaspoonprepared mustard
  • 1dashpepper
  • Directions

  • Cut eggs lengthwise into halves.
  • Slip out yolks and mash well with a fork.
  • Mix in remaining ingredients.
  • Fill whites with yolk mixture, heaping it up lightly.
  • Reviews

  • “I have never made deviled eggs before, believe it or not.And this was so easy and they turned out great.However I made a much bigger batch, and they all went.”

  • “Theis recipie worked out pretty well. I had never made deviled eggs before, but found it pretty simple. I used more than the reccomended amount of mustard, and it tasted a little to strong, so I would advise following what it says. Also, leaving them in the fridge for a couple hours is a must, it makes a big difference. I also sprinkled some paprika on top after it was completed for appearance sake.”

  • “Everybody loves Deviled Eggs!I add some Worchester sauce to mine.You can make as many eggs as you want and change the amount of salad dressing and mustard to suit your taste.”

  • “Of course, this is a classic recipe!Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook from 1968 would have you add 1/2 tsp. of vinegar to the yolk mixture, which makes them just about perfect.”

  • “I agree, they were bland, in my opinion. I even added tabasco, vinegar and paprika, as suggested. But I also like really flavored thingsI’ve never made deviled eggs, so this is a good recipe to start with, and try adding bits to.It is a really easy recipe to follow.”

  • “Unfortunately these were kind of bland for my liking, I tasted more mayo than anything else.They were quick and easy though, and I used the piping trick which is totally the way to go. I ate 3 of them, but my guests never even gave them a chance 🙁 no one even tried one. Thanks for sharing anyway, it looks like its been a hit otherwise.”

  • “Good recipe!i thought it called for a bit too much mayo, so i off set it with 1/2 teaspoon of white vinegar.Easy to make and yummy too!”

  • “This was really good! After trying it according to the recipe, I decided it needed salt and a little more pepper. I topped half with paprika and half with a sliced green olive. I liked a previous reviewer’s suggestion of using a mixer. It was much easier and faster than mashing by hand.”

  • “very bland flavor.”

  • “Great, easy and delicious recipe!I added some salt and sprinkled paprika on them…perfect!Thanks for sharing.”

  • “This is a great basic deviled eggs recipe.I made it even easier (and you probably thought that wasn’t possible) by roughly chopping the eggs (both yolk and white) and stirring in the mustard, pepper, mayo, and a dash of paprika…..which is basically an egg salad recipe, of course, but with a devilish twist!All the same deviled-egg taste, but much less fuss.I spooned some of the mixture over multigrain crackers for a tasty and filling lunch.”

  • “I can’t believe I forgot to review this years ago! This was the recipe we used to learn how to make deviled eggs and it made the process so easy for us! We eyeball the mayo and mustard and taste test as we go to get the exact balance we like on that now, and we also sprinkle some paprika on top for taste/presentation. This is an awesome recipe-thanks so much!”

  • “These are very close to how I make my deviled eggs.I used 3 tablespoons of mayo because we like a creamy filling, 1 teaspoon of mustard, and sprinkled the tops with paprika.”

  • “Extremely easy and very tasty.I will make again!”

  • “the deviled eggs were delicious thank you so much!”

  • “Great basic recipe… perfect after-school snack (it’s so hard to find a healthy snack the kids like!).I used 1/3 cup Miracle Whip in place of mayo.I look forward to trying other additions (like pickle relish).Also, my tip for easy to peel eggs: put eggs in a metal steaming colander inside pan or steam pan (not immersed, but with water just beneath the colander).Once boiling turn heat to medium and steam 10 minutes.Let rest 4 minutes.Put eggs in a bowl of ice water…. crack around middle of egg… shells slip right off.I used to boil eggs and peeling was a pain with ugly results.

  • “Followed this to a T. Sometimes the simplest are the best. Great recipe to adopt! A huge winner….:)”

  • “This is how I make mine and I always get rave reviews. You get a different taste when you use Mayo and dijon mustard vs miricle whip and yellow mustard. Mayo and dijon is the way to go.”

  • “This is how my mom makes stuffed eggs.Delightfully easy and delicious.”

  • “This is a great recipe! I add a little bit of sweet pickle relish and a dash of sweet pickle juice to this recipe and the deviled eggs are just a little sweeter than most. My deviled eggs are usually the first thing to go at family cookouts :)”