Eco Dog Collar – Recycled Pink Leopard Cotton by anniessweatshop

23,00 USD Hooray a dog collar that’s recyclable! A generously thick( 1 in)eco-friendly collar to flaunt the fab fabric you select. Your material is stitched onto sustainable and strong cotton webbing. Just say no to nylon (AKA plastic stemmed from petroleum)!

Adjustable and secured with a repurposed, black, plastic, side-release buckle. The buckle is decorated with strong buttons. Many eco friendly prints to pick from. Low effect and sustainable. Recycle your old collar parts with us and get a $ 5 Rebate. See Shop Policies for details.

Available in sizes(
inches ): & quot; XSmall (7 & quot; -9 & quot;-RRB- Little (10 & quot; & quot; -14 &
quot;-RRB- Medium (15 & quot; -22 & quot;) Huge(21 & quot; -26 & quot;-RRB- During checkout, please list your size.

< br/ > Here’s the matching leash:. Sorry, the matching harness is offered out

< br/ > MEASUREMENTS 1 in thick collar. Use a tailor’s tape or string and ruler to determine (inches) your animal’s neck circumference. Assemble 1/2 sizes.

ENVIRONMENT Earth friendly. 100% repurposed material, an upcycled curtain. 100% sustainable cotton webbing. Repurposed plastic side-release buckle. Nickel d-ring. Repurposed buttons.

CARE DIRECTIONS Device wash cold/ warm. Topple dry low.

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