Eco Dog Harness – Renewable Brown Geo Cotton – Small by anniessweatshop

33,00 USD

A harness that’s much better for your pet dog and ground he/ she strolls on. A humane alternative to collar and leash walking.

After acquiring a harness online, I was dissatisfied with the design and quality. So I created my own. After numerous prototypes, we (the doggies and I) chosen The Wrap Harness.

A long lasting, handmade fabric harness that wraps around your pet’s neck and under the chest with black Velcro. The neck location is enhanced with a side-release buckle. This vest design diverts anxiety from your animal’s neck to secure its spinal column and removes underarm chaffing. A leash loop is situated on the top of the harness. Designed so bulky fastenings do not conflict with Rover’s range of motion. Enhanced for the tugger or those with sensitive spines.

This one is a size Little. It fits (in) Neck (7 & quot; & quot; -10 & quot;-RRB- and Chest (11 & quot; & quot; -14 & quot;-RRB-. Custom sizes are available. Just e-mail me your measurements. Utilize a tailor’s tape or string and ruler to measure (inches) your pet’s neck and chest (thickest part) circumference. Assemble 1/2 sizes for a correct fit. I’ll reply with a quote.

The matching collar and leash sold independently.

For toughness and stamina the cloth is double layered and enhanced with interfacing. 3 sq/ in of Velcro at the neck. 4 sq/ in of Velcro at the chest.

Material is eco-friendly cotton or repurposed. Low effect and sustainable. Repurposed plastic side-release fastening. Velcro.

Machine wash cold/ warm. Topple dry low.

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