Emotional Rescue: Preparing Your Soul for Adventure

Sharing tips on what you can do to set your emotional self up for adventure…

We seek out adventure for a variety of reasons — to explore unknown territory or to challenge personal boundaries. A call is cast on our soul, a call that is not quieted until answered.

I’m writing from the edge of a small lake on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, with the sun beating down hard on my head and a constant hum of bees echoing around me. They do not sting — rather fuzzy and friendly — but I have to keep swatting them away from my ears. My girlfriend is casting her bait a few yards away but the fish cannot bothered this afternoon. I look around, my head shaking in wonder, and ask myself, “how the hell am I so lucky to be here?”

Three weeks ago, my best girlfriend got a call from a friend traveling via Airstream around the western half of the continent. Planning to conquer the California coast, Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska and midwest states, he asked if we would like to join them Alaska — camping, hiking, rafting, fishing, you name it. “Are you kidding?! YES. Wait a minute, let me ask my manager.”

Twenty-one days later and, by the grace of my manager, I found myself somewhere I will never forget. I am a firm believer that our hearts ache for living in the moment, so therefore we must nourish that need. There lies a seemingly constant yearning for adventure, compromised at times by everyday life. Thus I must seek out, be open, and answer the call whenever possible.

In anticipation of adventure, there are 5 tips on preparing yourself emotionally:

Be open. Go into an adventure with an open heart and mind.

Be receptive. And flexible. In all adventures, something may go awry. Change is the only constant in adventure and plans will undoubtedly have to adjust. Just know that, be receptive, be patient, and move on.

Be courageous. The dictionary defines adventure as “an exciting or very unusual experience; a bold undertaking.” Adventure takes courage. But if you find yourself timid, take a deep breath and keep moving forward. I guarantee that you have the strength to be courageous.

Be present. Live in the moment. Put your phone away. Turn off your email. Try not to think about what you may be missing out on. Don’t stress about work or travel. Be present in the moment happening around you.

Be reflective. Think of the challenging times, the wonderful times, and everything in between. Be grateful for the laughs, chats, deep talks. Be appreciative of your surroundings and celebrate fellowship with friends and strangers alike.

And remember, adventure need not be grandiose. Adventure can be heading to a football game on a Friday night, or making a fort with your young nieces. It can be cooking dinner from scratch with friends or riding mass transportation on a date. Adventure, my friend, is in the eye of the beholder.

+How do you get ready for adventure?

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