End Of Summer Getaways: Bermuda

End Of Summer Getaways: Bermuda

It’s almost time for summer’s warmth to hide away in it’s shell, but with the little bit of the season that is left, why not embrace it?

Pack your bags and just go. To the beach, to the mountains, or to that place that makes you feel free and away from it all. If I could choose, I’d set sail to a little place just off the east coast. In the middle of the Atlantic lies Bermuda. I’ve yet to go, but it’s one of my best friend’s second home. Her pictures reveal water as blue as an aquamarine dream, palms that touch the sky, and beaches lined with shells and decades-old glass that has washed ashore. It’s quite magical from what I hear, and I hope to experience it one day. Maybe you all will beat me to it…

Where to stay: Pompano Beach Club

What to do: SUP (stand up paddle board), try your hardest to find “sea glass beach,” or swim in the caves at Tom Moore’s Jungle. 

What to bring:

Crochet Monokini

Black Pearl Pants

Castilla Tote

Eshe Platform Footbed

Tie Dye Widebands

 Marie Metal Choker

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