Ethnic Tapestry Chenille Stripe Harden Designer Fabric Sample Earth Upholstery by fabricsamples


4,25 USD

These Designer Material Samples are from a variety of makers for Trade Only Material Distributors. These are great for making pillows, purses, quilting, vests, applique work, textile artists, lampshades and other craft items. The list goes on and on.

This Designer Fabric Sample is Harden’s 6359 in 30 pattern. This sample has two gold metal grommets at the upper two corners. It is around 12 1/2 & quot; x 14 1/2 & quot; of totally functional fabric. This pattern has numerous olive, brown and corrosion patterns within broad stripes of solid mustard gold. The patterns are diamonds, waves and leaves. Material is 41 % Rayon, 27 % Acrylic and 32 % Cotton. The repeat is 14 & quot; & quot; x 3 1/2 & quot;. Condition is mint.

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