Extra Large Fringed Acorn Caps by 2BCreative

& quot; < p & quot; class ="price "> 5,95 USD< p class="description" > These caps are huge, 2-1/ 2 & quot;-3 & quot; throughout. You will receive a dozen although only 6 are visualized. Nw crop and materials are limited. Perfect for making small nests. Beauty all of your good friends by making darling Christmas ornament nests made from large acorn caps or fill them with felted wool or velvet to set in a vintage basket. These are extremely sturdy and not at all fragile. You will get a lots caps for the price. The center will have to do with 1-1/ 4 & quot; & quot; in diameter. Look at the examples of exactly what you can do. You will most likely use they to produce your very own special design.
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