Fairy headband wire-Bark wire 6 ‘section or Moss wire 6’ section-Bendable moss wire or Bark vine-Faux Woodland forest by teresab123

4,00 USD

6 ‘section of REAL Bark Covered Wire Vine OR the Mossy covered wire vine For your Vivarium/ Terrarium Tanks and other Crafty natural woodland requirements. Be sure to inform me which you desire the mossy or the bark in the 6 foot sections. They can be flexed in numerous designs too!

Remember this wire vine is much thinner than the moss garland I offer that has to do with 1/2 & quot; & quot; -3/ 4 & quot; diameter … …… this is a moss vine about the size of a pipe cleaner and a little thinner (3/16 & quot; & quot; -1/ 4 & quot;-RRB- as is the bark vine here.

Take it and cover around mossy wreaths or balls. Utilize it making deals with on baskets, balls, grapevine wreaths and so far more!

I also love to use it in my vivariums for my lizards and frogs to get on and to give a more practical planning to my tanks.

This is readily available in a larger roll and now a 6 ‘section for those not requiring as much or desiring to sample the product.

Green Bark Vine is likewise offered now!

What you are getting here is SIMPLY a 6 foot section of either the natural bark vine or the mossy green vine wire for $ 4

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