Feather Earrings Short coachman Brown by MountainManCreations

10,00 USD

Colored Brown rooster feathers with.Mrs mountain loved these and has her own pair enhanced her collection.Ready for a hot night on the town.length 3.25″
All My earrings come
standard with Surgical Stainless Steel Ear Wires, and backs.The earrings in the picture are exactly what I deliver I
incorporate shipping on all orders 10 pairs of earrings ship
for the same cost as 1 Just like all my creations they are developed in my Port Alberni Studio.If you would like

a customized pair or have them made a little differently.
Or have other concerns; kindly do not be reluctant to call me.https:// www.etsy.com/conversations/new?with_id=6373382!.?.!I do not use feathers from jeopardized or protected species i.e. Parrots Macaws cockatoo owl’s
eagles etc.Thank you for looking Henry Our Other Etsy Shops OUR ROCK AND GEMS JEWLERY https://www.etsy.com/shop/mountainrockngem!.?.!OUR FEATHER SHOP.https:// www.etsy.com/shop/mountainfeathers Можно приобрести на Etsy за MountainManCreations