Felt Miniature Dolphin Ornament by CreationsByJudy

7,98 USD

Meet my latest production Skylar. Skylar is a bashful dolphin and conceals when he believes he is being seen by people.

When he thinks someone is seeing him, he dives deep under water until he believes they have gone.

When he believes they have gone he shoots high above the water and finishes with a summersault. He is quite a showoff around other dolphins.

Skylar’s favorite tips are copying Michael Jackson’s moonwalk or doing triple backwards summersaults. Hope you can capture him when he thinks you are not looking.

Skylar is 4 1/2 inches from his nose to his tail and is made from felt and packed with polyester fiberfill.
He makes a fantastic Christmas accessory or looks terrific as a mattress topper on that unique gift.
Listing is for one dolphin. Order yours now

can be purchased at Etsy for CreationsByJudy