Festival Fashion at Pitchfork 2014: Day One

Festival Fashion at Pitchfork 2014: Day One

I love how festivals have the ability to bring people together, and that is cause for a great mix of style. 

You never know what you might see when you hit the festival grounds, and it was fun to get a taste of the fashion during our first day at Pitchfork. It was a perfect summer weekend, and the sun had most people baring their shoulders and legs. Denim cutoffs, mini skirts and soft dresses seemed to be the go-to for comfort and coolness. Pitchfork definitely has a more laid back vibe to it than some of other festivals I’ve been too, which is reflected in a lot of the looks I saw. I liked seeing all of the simple dressing, with a few small touches here or there, making them unique to the wearer. Here’s what I saw this past Saturday at Pitchfork!

Get The Look: Smocked Crop Top, Bandit Denim Cutoffs, Dalsland Clog, Bouquet Ankle Sock, Dreamy Daze Print Dress, Carter Lace Up Sneaker

Get The Look: Softly Softly Apron Dress, Berkley Loafer Slip OnDaisy Lane Ankle Sock

Get The Look: We The Free Road TeeGot Me Twisted Harem Pant, Belmont Leather Clog

Get The Look: Boyfriend Shortall, Off The Shoulder Tunic, Myla Embroidered Crossbody

Get The Look: FP ONE Flower Chain Top, Low Rise Relaxed Cutoff, Matador Hat, Top Gun Aviator Sunglass

Get The Look: Highs and Lows Poncho, Strappy Back Bra

Last three images by Olivia

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