Fiber Fest Knitted Baby Lamb Hat Pattern PDF by carbonscoring

4,00 USD Last fall, my buddies went and had the sweetest, prettiest baby in presence. Given that we’re all knitters and were gone to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival, I chose to work up a little lamb hat for him to wear at his first Fiber Festival. He looked so cute and I figured other knitters who would soon be bringing cute little men and gals to Sheep and Wool Festivals may want to likewise adorn them. Terrific device for Rhinebeck, Maryland, and so on

The mix of Berroco Plush and Sensations Beautiful lead to an unbelievably soft, fleecy hat and because it’s knit on size 13 needles it’s a very quick knit (depending for how long the drive to your Celebration of option is, you might be able to crank one out on the method). You can also add little horns or a little ribbon, depending on exactly what sort of little lamb you have.

The pattern consists of directions for four sizes: 0-3 months [3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years], which represent circumference: 14 [15, 16, 18.5] inches; height:. 5.5 [6, 6.5, 7] inches

The pattern is 5 pages long and includes photos and detailed instructions. Technically, it requires that you have the ability to knit in the round. Stitches needed are: knit, purl, increase and reduction. Connecting the lining to the ears and the ears and horns to the hat requires some minimal hand sewing.

Pattern is provided as a digital download.

Pattern intended for personal usage just. Please do not re-sell or make items to offer from the pattern.

< br/ > This listing is for the pattern, not an actual hat.

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