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< p class="price"> 4,00 USD Finding blank image bezel steampunk pendant materials appeal jewelry making parts. 4 in all, silver in tone. Looks like a pocket watch bezel. Terrific supply for fashion jewelry making and other jobs. You will receive the precise item pictured.

For watch motions: For pocket watch cases, bezels: store/ StratusJewelrySupply section_id=10597026 For watch bands: For watch cases, bezels: https:// www.etsy.? com/ store/ StratusJewelrySupply section_id=10157133 < br/ > For watch equipments, view faces: For watch and pocket watch backs: https:// For watch parts misc: For steampunk findings: https:?// section_id=10185773 For classic fashion jewelry parts: For silver smithing findings: Items ship in 1-2 business days by means of US Postal Service initially
class with delivery confirmation for domestic deliveries International plans ship in 1-2 business days through the

United States Postal Service. can buy on Etsy for StratusJewelrySupply