Flat Belly Foods

Flat Belly Foods

It’s the summertime, and that means one thing: Bikini season

To relish in that swimsuit, we have to feel good, on the inside and out. There’s nothing worse than preparing for a day at the beach, or trying to fit into slim fitting clothes, and that thing we all hate falls upon us: Belly Bloat.

We all suffer from this time and again, I love finding out ways to fix it.

Bloating is painful, uncomfortable, and definitely a confidence killer. Caused from multiple things like over-eating, hormone fluctuations, and dehydration to name a few. The easiest way to start feeling better is to eat better. There’s a whole list of foods out there that can stop bloating before it happens, and also some that are fast acting to help get rid of bloat soon after the feeling hits you.

Next time your at the grocery store, pick up a few of these items below and start working them into your diet. They will help maintain a flat tummy and are great to have on deck when bloating arises.


Foods that are high in sodium are the worst thing to eat if you are bloated. Sodium retains water, which in turn, causes bloating. Potassium can help reduce the affects that sodium has on our body, so incorporating foods that are rich in this chemical into your diet will help to maintain internal water levels. Bananas are packed with potassium, so stock up!


Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that helps to aid in digestion. These fruits are so refreshing in the summer, and have many other healthy benefits!


This is a great veggie to eat at dinner the night before you head to the beach. Asparagus will help to flush out toxins from your body, and improve kidney function. Stick some on the grill this summer to serve up a healthy side dish at cook outs!


Cucumbers are commonly used to help get rid of puffy under eye circles. They contain quercetin which is an antioxidant that helps reduce swelling. Consuming this crisp and refreshing vegetable will use that same antioxidant to help reduce stomach swelling when bloated.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

I think grapefruit may be one of my favorite fruits. I love eating one for breakfast – the citrus is so refreshing in the morning! Water retention is a main cause of bloating, and these pretty fruits will help get rid of the extra water held in your body.


Next time you buy yogurt, make sure the label says that it contains actives cultures. This is the kind of bacteria that is good for you. Probiotics help to regulate your digestive system, preventing your belly from blowing up.

Green Tea

Green tea is miracle worker. I keep finding out more and more benefits from drinking a cup a day. Green tea speeds up your metabolism, causing faster digestion. If your trying to fight off bloat, make sure your drinking hot green tea. Ice can cause spasms in the digestive track, resulting in more pain!


Kiwis are like Nature’s Tums. Next time you are feeling bloated after a large meal, eat a little bit of this delicious fruit, and the actinidin enzyme it contains will aid in the breakdown of proteins, resulting in faster digestion.

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