Flat Carnelian Palm by earthlightgems

15,00 USD

This is for 1- Refined flat piece of Carnelian, you get one similar or the very same as the ones shown. These are beautiful and from Madagascar. Some have quartz with them, or small pockets of quartz. You can cover it, cut it, taxi it, beat around it, utilize it in your art and far more. Photographed in front of an inch ruler.

Carnelian- is colored orange to brown chalcedony quartz discovered worldwide. Its orange to red/ brown color variety is triggered by minute particles of hematite or limonite. Carnelian embodies the strength and fertility of the earth and the essence of jaguar. Carnelian, as a kind of chalcedony, balances well with all other chalcedony stones in a pouch or recovery layout.

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