Found Art Sculpture Prayer Meditation Shrine – Hanging / TableTop Outsider Art Memorial Oracle Altar w Candles and Place for Devotion Object by 3crows

185,00 USD Art Sculpture Prayer Meditation Shrine
' Old Blue Eyes '< br/ > Chosen from all things forgotten, cast aside or lost, Old Blue Eyes, the wonderful mystical oracle, will guide and crystallize your meditations to the highest power, ensuring unclouded blissful actualization and healing.

< br/ > I can just see you now, hanging a valued treasure, like your dad ' s wedding event ring or the key to your love'' s door, onto the black onyx festooned star knob. Quietly you say your invocation, your eyes never leaving Old Blue Eyes. You light the small candle, close your eyes for a moment of silence when you open them you know your prayer has started it'' s journey into deep space. You smile and put the candle out. Old Blue Eyes is smiling too.

< br/ > A very unique piece undoubtedly. Designed to be magnificent and made from magical randomly found treasures a few of which have been with me for Three Decade, one I simply found the other day in a parking area.

< br/ >< br/ > A rusty bottle cap shelf is the best size for the included allured candle holder, which can be saved on the side if you'' d prefer to use the rack to hold something else for a modification. Product includes 3 birthday candles. Piece is not developed to be used as a candle sconce.

Size:” 12 “from tippy top to hanging star knob. Has a hanger on back for hanging on the wall, or it sits on tabletop with hanging knob hanging over (see all picts). Signed on back. Old Blue Eyes will include her papers, including signed and dated C of A.

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