Fox Scarf – KNITTING PATTERN – file sent by email by RianAnderson

4,00 AUD

A little furry knitted fox to wrap around your neck – the ethical option to the fox fur wrap.
This one is for anybody who constantly wanted a fox fur stole, however was put off by the fact that you would have a dead animal around your neck!
(No foxes were harmed in the making of this headscarf pattern).

One of a series of scarves that have a head with a mouth that you can thread the tail through.
This one is 100 cms long so can drape down your back too.

Written pattern, with a lot of practical images.

Payment by Paypal.
Due to brand-new EU VAT laws, I am not utilizing the automatic pdf download center. This will certainly mean that there will certainly be a brief delay in getting your pattern – I will certainly send you an email with a downloadable pdf file, as soon as I get your payment notice message (I check frequently throughout the day, but I am in Australia, so I may not get it immediately if you are awake when I’m asleep!). Please guarantee that your paypal e-mail address is the exact same as the one you desire your pattern sent to.
The benefit of this is that my costs can stay the very same, instead of rising by about 20 %.

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