FP Me Stylist Of The Week: FPTeeny

FP Me Stylist Of The Week: FPTeeny

FP Teeny is one of those girls who’s style pics always catch my eye on FP Me. Something about the composition of each one, and the beautiful settings she captures, evokes such a dreamy and cool vibe. Teeny, or Christina to everyone outside of the FP Me world, is a store stylist at our Free People Santana Row store in San Jose, California. If she’s not styling up her customers, you can find her with a camera in hand, scouting the world around her for that special moment in time to capture. Her personal style is one that inspires, and one that is unexpected. She has a little California beach babe in her, while still incorporating her Texas tomboy roots here and there. I really enjoyed reading Christina’s responses to the questions I asked her – you can tell this girl has a creative mind that’s filled with big dreams. Get to know a little bit more about her below!

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Where are you from? How did this shape the person that you are today?

I’m from Houston, Texas, although I grew up most of my life in San Jose , California! Texas is still a huge part of who I am. I’d like to think I took away from it a good old southern charm and some killer pairs of cowboy boots! My Mom was born and raised in Houston, while my Dad was a Boston native. So while I may have grown up with Texas blood, you can sure bet I have some Bostonian in me as well!

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Can you tell us a little bit about where you live now? What’s your favorite part? 

I can access the beach or San Francisco in under an hour. I love to discover new places and San Jose is key for that! There’s nothing more relaxing than getting to set my sites on new scenery for the day. It’s great to have such captivating places just a few short hours away. San Jose has unbelievable nature, it’s breathtaking some of the sites you can find here.

The best part is at night – I’m a short walk from the most inspiring view! You can see all of downtown San Jose. At night there is nothing better than grabbing a blanket, sitting under the stars and seeing the city light up all around you. It’s kind of like my secret spot here.

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How long have you been working at the store?

I’ve been there close to 9 months now!

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What does a typical work day look like for you?

I work with the best team! It’s a blast coming into work. A typical day always includes meeting new and awesome costumers. Getting to style each different and unique person is the most riveting part. My favorite is when someone comes in and tells me, “Alright, I’m going to an event, style me.” I’m able to interact with them and learn what kind of style they portray – it’s killer seeing someone enjoy the experience as much as you do!

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What is it about Free People that drew you in?

It’s funny, I was always the biggest tomboy – never even thought to be interested in fashion. However, when I found Free People it completely changed my outlook! I saw how fashion made people come together and express themselves. From the obviously incredible store displays to the unique pieces, Free People turned me into a fashion maniac! Not only did the store draw me in, but seeing how Free People was like a community, with all its different uses of social media…I knew once I found Free People I had to be apart of it!

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Your FP Me pics are amazing! How do you determine which ones you post on your profile? Do you have a certain mood you try to convey in each one?

I’m absolutely picky when it comes to taking and choosing which pictures to put on my profile! I try to switch it up, and make it as versatile as possible. My goal is to always bring an exciting, energetic mood to my pictures. I’m all about having a blast, and I want my photos to represent that.

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How did you first get into photography?

My Mom had a few old film cameras laying around our house in Houston. Something about the look of them always caught my attention. I was too young to truly understand how to capture a great photo on film, but I sure tried my best.

Years passed and I couldn’t get my hands off a camera! It stuck with me, and to this day I still use the same Minolta that caught my eye when I was just a kid. Photography has always been a way for me to shape the world as how I’d want people to see it. It’s magnificent the experiences you can capture in just a second. Not only that but getting to take pictures of new and interesting people has to be the best part! I try my best to joke around and make someone laugh while doing a photo shoot.

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Where do you see your future going with it? 

As of now, I see so many possibilities with photography. To shoot for fashion, nature, people, whatever it may be.  I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world and capturing different cultures while doing freelance work. I want to be inspired by people and things around me, which photography does impeccably. I think from there I can grow and build a photography business of my own.

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How would you describe your personal style? 

It’s eclectic! I’ve never been able to pinpoint one specific word to describe my style. It’s carefree, tomboy, beachy, vintage, and 70′s inspired all in one. While it may sound out of the ordinary, it truly is what I think when I describe my style! I try to wear what’s cool and different in my eyes. It’s all about creativity with each and every outfit. Plus I’m a baseball cap connoisseur. You can count on me wearing one to work every single time!

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Who are three of your favorite FP Me users to follow?

I adore fpmorganjones, she’s got the coolest pieces, kaciecone, and fpnicc!

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What inspires you the most? 

All of my surroundings. From San Jose, to my job. I am constantly being surrounded by inspiring places and people that keep me going and pursuing my dreams. It’s great to see success all around you, it gives you a sense of what inspiration does for each individual. There’s no stronger inspiration than the world around you and what it has to offer.

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What does being ‘Free’ mean to you?

It’s about being an individual, bringing what makes you you present and out there for everyone to see. Growing up I was forced to be an avid swimmer. I swam six days a week, five hours a day. My parents told me this is who I was going to be. They pushed me into the mindset that swimming was going to be my life. Which it was for 13 years. It came to me one day that this wasn’t me though. I’m not just a swimmer. It taught me that being  free is everything a person embodies. From the best attributes a person carries, to the dreams they’re achieving each and every day. It’s not to let yourself be held down by an idea, and shape who you want to be. Free comes with a blank canvas, and you just have to decide what to put on it and it’s yours to change.

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