FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Kennedy Stearns

FP Me Stylist Of The Week: Kennedy Stearns

If you haven’t seen this gorgeous girl on FP Me yet, allow me to introduce you to Kennedy Stearns.

She ‘s a west coast baby, but grew up amidst the purple skies and cactus-lined roads of Arizona. Her pictures reveal her upbringing, with the wide open desert landscapes and magic hour light present in almost all of them. I was a fan as soon as I saw her profile. It’s inspiring to see someone her age have so much passion and knowledge about where she wants to go in life. From her FP Me presence, to her blog, she produces some amazing imagery with the help from a few of her favorite photographers she works with time and again. Get to know a little bit more about Kennedy below!

Where are you from? What is your favorite part about your hometown?

I was born in Portland, Oregon but raised in Arizona. I consider both to be my places of origin even though they are exact opposites. My favorite part about Portland is the city life; I love the people and the diversity. Walking down the street you see so many different cultures and I live for that, I live for cultural diversity. When it comes to Arizona, the landscape and weather is what I can’t live without. Late afternoon as the sun is going down the sky mingles with the dust and turns our sunset into a pastel work of art and that is absolutely breathtaking.

How do you spend most of your days?

Well I am a college student right now studying creative writing, specifically poetry. That takes up two of my days and the rest of the work week is spent at klury.com where I’m a web content writer. Weekends I hang out with friends and work a lot on my blog, whether it’s photo shoots or just maintenance. I usually have something to do everyday, I rarely have much free time, but I’m a busybody… I can’t keep still.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is all over the place. One day I can be bohemian, the next I can be preppy, or punky; I really enjoy tasting a bit of everything, it’s no fun fitting into a type or a category.

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How did you first get into blogging?

My fashion blog, Northern Indigo, is fairly new and I started it simply because I was taking so many pictures with different photographers. Instagram is a great outlet, but I can’t post twenty pictures from the same shoot all on there, so I decided to start a fashion blog where my Instagram can give them a taste and they can see the whole collection on my blog.

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For any new readers, what can we expect to see?

On my blog you can expect to see a whole lot of outfit posts, travel photo diaries, and some life updates. I try and work with as many different photographers as I can so I am showcasing their work, as well as my own.

What have you learned about yourself since starting a blog?

That I’m a planner. I find myself having scheduled out my blog a month in advance sometimes. I try and schedule out my weeks so that the three posts all mesh well together.

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With your FP Me profile and Instagram combined, you have some pretty amazing pictures. Are you selective about what pictures you choose to post?

Definitely. When posting on social media, I try and choose the photos that best show off the photographers work and my own. It’s really important to know that both parties are comfortable with the work you are putting it out there; there’s nothing worse than someone posting a photo that you hate of yourself and communication helps with that.

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As an aspiring model, who have been some of your favorite photographers to work with?

Willow Greene is one of my all time favorite photographers I have worked with, she is incredibly talented and just a lot of fun to be around. Willow is definitely someone you want to keep an eye on, she’ll go really far in her career.

Natalie Allen is a recent photographer I have shot with and she has so many great ideas. I have only worked with her once, but I would love to shoot with her again.

Breea Guttery is the first photographer I have worked with and we just work very well together. Her and I are both willing to do whatever it takes to get a good photo, that includes laying in a lake at four in the morning.


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I hear you are a dancer of 16 years. What is it about dance that makes you love it so much?

Dancing has always been my life. I love that with dance you can completely pour your heart out on stage. It is a great way to express yourself and let off a lot of steam. It’s really beautiful to think about how you can tell a story through movement, it’s not about how flexible you are or how many turns you can do, but it’s about the emotions you show through your dance and how you make the audience feel.

Can you describe the feeling you get when you are on stage?

Vulnerable. Like I said, when I dance I show every single emotion I’m having through the movement, that’s a lot of trust you are putting into the audience. You have to trust that even if they don’t understand, they still encourage and support you. It’s a relationship you’re having with the audience; you’re just dancing through your feelings, rather than discussing them.

What inspires you the most?

I don’t really have one thing that inspires me. I think that if looked at the right way, anything can be inspirational. The way someone dances, or the passion they show while they’re talking about something they love, a song you barely hear as background noise at the restaurant, the way a cloth feels in your hand, or a poem you read aloud to yourself. Everything inspires me.

What does being ‘Free’ mean to you?

Being ‘free’ is being able to express yourself however you see fit. To be able to love freely, speak freely, laugh, dance, explore. If you aren’t doing the things you love then you aren’t free, and if you aren’t free then what’s the point?

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(Select Photos by Natalie Allen, Willow Greene, and Breea Guttery)

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