FP Me to You: Lauren Tengy’s Escape to Yellowstone

Lauren Tengy reflects on a very transformative trip to Yellowstone with FP Escapes.

This post comes from our FP Me contributor, Lauren Tengy.

As a bona fide city dweller, it comes to reason that I’d possess a particular appreciation for the ‘great outdoors.’ It serves as an escape from monotony, and allows for a greater focus on inner self and artistic inspiration that can sometimes be dulled by the grey of New York.

I was fortunate enough to spend three days exploring the mountains and valleys of Yellowstone with an extremely inspiring group of women, and this left a most powerful impact on myself and artistic expression.

Yellowstone’s palette delivered the creative energy that I was so desperately craving. From its vibrant geothermal wonders, which materialize spontaneously throughout the park, to the watercolored V-shaped slopes of its “Grand Canyon,” it is most certainly not lacking in iridescence.

Beyond just the park gates, where faded cowboy boots clop on wooden sidewalks and neon motel signs burn bright, a distinct personality emerges. An unrestrained ego, which I have only begun to explore in my own artistic practice.

Let it be known, however, that it was not in the colors of nature where I found the most powerful artistic influence, but rather in the relationships forged with the women that I met during my stay.

We arrived in this place without knowing one another, but we left as sisters. Each of us came slightly broken. I know I was. We came here to heal and to grow and, in doing so, we learned how to love ourselves, which is something I believe we women often lose sight of.

There is undoubtedly a special bond that we share, and there was nothing more inspiring than watching women build each other up again.

I left Montana with the desire to translate everything that screams beauty, that screams woman, into my artistic practice. I want to make every woman I photograph or style to feel her absolute best, and I owe that to the sisters I made along the way.

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