Fragrance Oil – 30 ml – One Ounce Bottle – Many Fragrances – Essential Oil – Use in Potpourri, Dryer Balls, Reed Diffuser, Lotion by DreamsweptAlpacas

9,00 USD

This listing is for one 30 ml (one ounce) bottle of scent oil. It can be made use of to scent dryer balls, potpourri, reed diffusers, base cream, and other uses.

The bottle has a one drop release top that is really easy to utilize. A couple of drops add a great amount of fragrance. The dropper top can be gotten rid of if you want a bigger amount of fragrance for other uses.

Please show your fragrance choice when ordering. If you require a larger quantity of one fragrance, please look at availability prior to purchasing. The scent amounts I have on hand typically alter.

If you would likewise prefer to acquire a set of our felted clothes dryer balls (a sample clothes dryer ball is revealed in the photo), please see this area:


Offered Scents:

Angel Wings – a remarkable fragrance embracing the softness of a new born infant and the creaminess of vanilla custard

Anise – (Hunter/ Fisherman) understood to effectively camouflage the presence of human aroma on skin, clothing, fishing deal with, and hunting gear. A percentage of grated Anise soap utilized in the washer instead of detergent is also useful
Apple Jack and Peel – A Claire Burke’s duplication – remarkable fresh apple fragrance with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove

Blueberry – Lovely fragrance of fresh blueberries

Brownie – Aromatic notes of fudge, sweet chocolate and walnuts

Bubblegum – Fragrance of sweet, juicy youth bubblegum

Butterfly Hugs – Innovative fresh blend of apple blooms, lilies of the valley and rose petals

Butt Naked – Alluring base note assortment of granny smith apples and honeydew
melons, middle notes of strawberries and pears with suggestions of spice

Candy Walking stick – A terrific mix of fresh peppermint leaves and sweet mature strawberries on a dry down of vanilla

Candy Corn – A warm vanilla sweet with leading notes of butter with a slight down of almond

Caribbean – A tropical paradise mix of coconut, fresh sliced up pineapple with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake – Scent of real devil’s food cake

Cinnabun – Fragrant notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, cake and icing

Cool Water Type – famous perfume for males. Cool Water consists of a revitalizing, spicy, lavender, amber scent. This masculine fragrance possesses a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood

Cotton Bloom – Bath & Body Works Type – Sweet and subtle mix of jasmine, violet and gardenia with a glimmer of lemon enthusiasm on a dry down of vanilla – clean and crisp scent

Cotton Sweet – Blend of fresh strawberries and French vanilla – yummy cotton sweet scent

Cucumber and Melons – Bath & Body Works Type – An aroma of sweet and sour cucumber with tips of violet, and a background of sweet, freshly sliced honeydew melon

Drakkar Type – Compare to the popular males’s perfume. Drakkar is categorized as a sharp, spicy, lavender, amber scent. This masculine aroma has a blend of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood.

Dreamsicle – A refreshing iced orange popsicle with a creamy vanilla filling
Constantly in Love – Victoria Key type – A green fruity and floral bouquet with apple, increased and jasmine leading notes and a sweet wood and musk background

Endlessly in Love – Victoria Secret type – A green fruity and flower arrangement with apple, increased and jasmine top notes and a sweet wood and musk background

Fresh Brewed Coffee – The aroma of strong black fresh brewed arabica coffee beans with base notes of vanilla with a slight chocolately fragrance

Fresh Rain – Compare with Lever 2000, fresh and cool

Grape – Sweet and sour grape aroma

Island Fresh – Compare this fragrance to Gain Island Fresh laundry cleaning agent. Just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island with fresh leading notes, followed by tips of plant, lavender, vanilla, increased, jasmine and melon.

Juicy Cherry – Fragrant notes of cherry, raspberry and lemon enthusiasm – comparable to Yankee scent

Lemon – Scent of freshly squeezed, juicy lemon

Lily of the Valley – An extremely fresh and green muguet de bois; true to name lily of the valley fragrance

Loving Spell – Triumph Trick Love Spell Type – Tantalizing fragrance made up of a sweet arrangement of mandarin orange, bergamot and tangerine enhanced by tips of fresh peaches, strawberries and raspberries on an undertone of white musk

Mango Papaya – A tropical delight – fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey – Terrific fresh scent of hawthorne with nuances of velvety French vanilla, soy milk and a base note of nutty almond with oatmeal exfoliant

Orange – Refreshing and crisp orange fragrance

Passionate Kisses – Kuma Sutra Line – Lively scent which is alluring, energetic and fun – starts with top notes of raspberry, blackberry and fresh strawberries followed by mid notes of coconut milk and newly picked roses and ending in bottom notes of Egyptian vanilla and amber musk

Patchouli – An earthy aroma of real herbal patchouli

Pearberry – Bath & Body Works Type – Fruity fresh fragrance mix of ripened pears, raspberries, strawberries and gooseberries, with small musk undertones

Peppermint – A very crisp, clean and true pepper mint fragrance

Pink Sugar Type – Women’s Perfume – A fruity mix of fairy floss, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam

Rice Flower and Shea Butter – Bath & Body Works Type – This soul soothing fragrance has top notes of fresh sea water, crushed ginger root and anise leaves, middle notes of coconut milk and rice flowers, and it sits on base notes of amber, musk and sandalwood

Sandalwood – A woody bouquet of cedar and sandalwood with rose and jasmine

Sex on the Beach – Fruity mix of fresh ripened peaches, fresh squeezed oranges and spiced cranberry

Strawberry Passion – A rich ripened strawberry scent with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla

Vanilla Extract – Crisp and fresh aroma like actual vanilla extract

Watermelon – A full blend of melons, peaches and strawberries with a tip of vanilla

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