Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead

A forecast for the road ahead — read on to see what 2017 has in store for you…

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead ARIES

March 21–April 19

While Venus moves forward in Aries from February 3 to March 4 and from April 28 to June 6, you’ll feel more social, attractive and on, and your warmth and amiability will make it fairly easy for you to get along with people. That’s your best time to make a good impression, enjoy life and draw in what—and whom—you desire with your magnetic appeal. With Venus backpedaling in your sign March 4–April 2, you won’t feel nearly so outgoing, and love and money may seem harder to come by. Use this period to contemplate what you like about yourself—and consider whether you’re giving people the chance to appreciate these qualities in you. Is there congruity between your self-love and the love you receive from others? Is the image you project painting you in a positive and authentic light? After Venus backs into your solitude corner on April 2, you’ll feel an even stronger pull to withdraw, and although it may sound lonely, retreating from the world is a healthy choice now. If you find yourself reminiscing about the past, use memories to gain self-understanding—not as a source of regret or melancholy.

Mars charges through your sign from January 27 through March 9, mobilizing you to pursue your goals and further your own agenda. Operate independently if possible, especially on February 26, when Mars meets up with rash Uranus. And given his battles with Pluto and Jupiter on February 22 and 27, you’ll need to modify your behavior to avoid burning bridges with higher-ups and upsetting the balance in a relationship. However, the Mars-Saturn link on March 5 boosts your ability to make things happen, especially if education, travel, adventure or a learning experience is involved. Acting in accordance with your beliefs will be extra worthwhile that day.

With Jupiter still hanging out in your partnership angle, the upside of companionship should be apparent. You might be in a committed relationship that’s flourishing or meeting a range of different people who are opening up new worlds to you. One-on-one connections are the most organic way for you to learn and grow now. Fostering mutual understanding and respect will improve the bonds you’ve already formed, and having faith in humanity can facilitate new relationships. Travel may prove particularly lucky for your love life. After Jupiter segues into your sharing sector on October 10, the 13 months that follow can deepen an existing partnership and teach you about trust and intimacy. If you’re committed to someone, strive to comprehend what really makes relationships work and to master the art of give-and-take. Whether you’re married or not, this is about getting past the wedding and the honeymoon phase of a relationship (including a close friendship or business partnership) and doing the actual marriage part well. If you’re single, trying to understand the inner workings of your own psyche will pay off during this period. And securing outside financial support such as a grant or loan should be reasonably problem-free.

Despite the overwhelming benefits of relationships, Uranus is traveling through Aries, triggering your urge for autonomy. Rams born during the last third of your birthday season will finally be feeling this influence acutely in 2017. Jupiter is locking horns with Pluto and Uranus, causing tension between your independent streak, your relationships and your ambition. Family and home can provide welcome relief, so seek comfort when you need it. The Jupiter-Uranus faceoffs on March 2 and September 27 call for you to balance your need for excitement, change and sovereignty with your desire to share your life with someone, and you may grapple with the question of how much freedom and space you need in a relationship. A good partner for you will honor those needs and give you a long enough leash to be your unique self. If you’re looking for love, don’t limit yourself to a type. People who are foreign to you might be the most promising mates this year. While Uranus is retrograde starting August 3 into next year, the pace of personal revolution should slow, quelling instability and anxiety and allowing you to take stock of your revelations so you can consider what is applicable to your evolving identity and what has lasting value. Saturn’s sync-ups with Uranus on May 19 and November 11 can be enormously helpful in this regard. This is Saturn’s last year in your exploration zone, and you’d do well to ground your dissatisfaction with the status quo in the hard-earned knowledge you’ve gained. In what ways has your personal philosophy matured and what have you figured out about how the game of life is played? Apply those answers to a healthy form of rebellion.

The lunar eclipse in your love house on February 10 may bring a romance to fruition or end one, while the solar eclipse in that house on August 21 is more likely to get one off the ground. Note that the same applies to fun, joy, creativity and procreation. With the moon’s north node arriving in that part of your chart on May 9 for an 18-month stay, the pursuit of love, happiness, self-expression and personal fulfillment becomes a path of growth for you. Don’t cling to collective interests, your team of supporters or your affiliations with groups. Nudge your role in others’ lives to the background, and focus on writing your own story.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead TAURUS

April 20–May 20

When Venus turns retrograde in March, you may feel even more introverted than the other signs do—and not just because Venus is your ruling planet. She’ll be backtracking in the last house of your chart, an area that’s associated with solitude and spirituality. So between March 4 and April 2, it’s natural for you to withdraw from the world and enjoy a slice of peace and quiet. And if you opt to be around other people, a tranquil activity like a meditation retreat or a spa day will still offer you a chance to go within. It’s also an appropriate period for taking care of a loved one. And if you need to get private closure on a past romance, this is your chance to reflect, heal and let it go. When Venus segues into your network sector on April 2, group relations are bound to be challenging in those next couple of weeks. But positive uses of this phase would be to reconnect with an old friend or professional contact or to renew ties with an organization. Don’t take it personally if socializing doesn’t go well in the first half of April. Between June 6 and July 4, your sign plays host to Venus, giving your beauty, charm and sociability a lovely boost. You’ll exude an aura of warmth and amiability and will find it easy to express affection. This is one of the best times of the year for you to make a favorable impression, but you should also allow give yourself permission to simply have a good time. Be clear on what—or whom—you desire, because you have the power to draw it in.

In contrast, while Mars rockets through your sign from March 9 to April 21, it’s not about magnetizing what you want; it’s about going after it. During those six weeks, you’ll possess the vigor and motivation to tackle your to-do list, achieve your goals and further your own interests, and you’ll also be quick to assert yourself and fight for what’s important to you. Show the world what you can do, but operate independently if possible, so as not to dominate others. When Mars collaborates with Pluto on April 6, you stand to accomplish something that will have a lasting impact.

With Jupiter—the planet of largesse—parked in your productivity corner for much of the year, your schedule is probably packed. Whether you have a demanding job, many daily duties, an ambitious exercise regimen, big responsibilities or all of the above, you’re throwing yourself into the work and hopefully enjoying what you’re doing. Jupiter’s oppositions with Uranus in your spirit sector on March 2 and September 27 could spark an urge for more freedom to structure your day as you please, and they remind you to balance busyness with a stimulating inner life. Jupiter’s fights with Pluto in your exploration zone on March 30 and August 4 may prompt an obsession with the right way of doing things or a compulsion to change your life, and you might use that energy to become inspired about work that will make the world a better place.

Jupiter crosses your one-on-one angle on October 10, increasing the appeal of companionship—as well as the appeal of traveling with a companion. In the 13 months that follow, you’ll meet more people and may become attracted to foreign cultures and individuals who are different from you. You’ll have opportunities to learn from others and to grow through your relationships. Luck in love and faith in humanity are big pluses, and your existing connections are likely to flourish, especially if you aspire to mutual understanding. If you’re single, there’s a good chance you’ll meet a potential mate while abroad or feel drawn to someone who’s not your type.

Saturn continues to put you through your paces in your closest relationships and in your psyche this year, demanding that you work on issues involving trust, intimacy and sharing. You may have learned a hard lesson in the last couple of years about loss or about how much work goes into a relationship. If you hope to share your life with someone else, it’s necessary to face your fears and to figure out how to merge your own values and needs with those of another person. Closeness and support may seem hard to come by, but Jupiter’s move in October will give your relationships a welcome boost.

The lunar eclipse of February 10 lands in your foundation angle, hinting at possible drama or an ending in your family or home life. Tune into your private emotions and ponder what positive effort you could make to break away from the past. After the solar eclipse in the same part of your chart on August 21, you might relocate or see some other change in your living situation. The moon’s north node crosses that angle on May 9, further emphasizing home and family over the course of the next 18 months. You’ll derive comfort, security and support from your family of origin, the people you live with and your abode itself. So turn to them when you’re in need, carve out alone time and don’t shortchange your private life in the pursuit of professional success. A happy home will sustain you while the north node travels through this house.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead


May 21–June 20

Mercury—your ruling planet—will be retrograde April 9–May 2, August 12–September 5 and December 3–22 this year. Plan ahead so you don’t end up signing contracts, having important conversations, making major purchases (particularly technology) or coming to life-changing decisions during those periods if you can avoid it. And be patient with communication and travel glitches. This too shall pass!

During the Venus retrograde in March, socializing won’t happen as naturally as you’d like, since people aren’t feeling very outgoing and plans won’t come together without extra effort. But you can make the best of the weeks between March 4 and April 2 by getting back in touch with old friends, rejoining a group or renewing ties with professional contacts. Venus backs into your ambition angle April 2–15, complicating your interactions with authority figures and your efforts to make a favorable impression. Others may not be reading your image accurately, but you might opt to focus on revising creative work. With Venus gracing Gemini from July 4 to 31, you won’t have any trouble coming across in a positive light. In fact, you’re likely to feel your most charming and beautiful, and you’ll be in an extra friendly mood. Since this is a period for drawing in what you desire, spend time with people you want to attract. Enjoy life, and bask in the warm atmosphere you’re creating around you.

Mars is barreling through your sign between April 21 and June 4, mobilizing you to pursue your objectives, chase after what you want and promote your personal agenda. Since your assertiveness could border on aggression at times, it would be a good idea to work on your own as much as you can, rather than teaming up or answering to someone else. May 11—when Mars challenges Neptune in your ambition angle—and May 29—when he opposes Saturn in your relationship house—will be especially tricky. You may need to modify your behavior and compromise on those days. But on May 12, Mars joins forces with Jupiter, inspiring you to take a risk and virtually ensuring your success. When it comes to creative self-expression, personal happiness, gratifying fun and romantic hopes, that’s a day when pushing your luck is apt to pay off.

With Jupiter dancing through your fulfillment zone, your inner child has come out to play. Your personality has been in full bloom, and you’ve discovered that you have the courage to be your authentic self. The planet of growth can inspire you to go to great lengths for love and happiness, and it emboldens you to wear your heart on your sleeve. This is a time to learn what gives you the most pleasure and to roll the dice to attain what you desire. You should feel optimistic about romantic possibilities, creative expression and living up to your potential. Be advised that Jupiter’s clashes with Pluto in your intimacy house on March 30 and August 4 could result in conflict if you push too hard to get what you want in a close relationship. Speak your truth, but maintain enough self-awareness to recognize if you’re being overbearing.

After Jupiter segues into your efficiency corner on October 10 for a 13-month visit, your mission to have fun will morph into a zeal for getting tons done. Seek work that’s meaningful to you while also welcoming the chance to be of service. Embrace bigger responsibilities and also enjoy the satisfaction of completing whatever tasks are on your plate, no matter how mundane they may seem. Aim to be highly productive, milking every day for all it’s worth. Strive to improve your diet, health, fitness, skillset, time management, habits and work ethic. When Jupiter forms an alliance with Neptune in your ambition angle on December 2, you’ll be in a flow that gives you a sense of your higher purpose.

Saturn wraps up his stay in your one-on-one angle this year, where he’s been testing your relationships and pushing you to take them more seriously than ever before. You may have committed to a significant other, severed a romantic connection, formed a business partnership, broken up with—or reaffirmed your bond with—a close friend. Regardless of the specifics, relationships have been a weighty matter, and you’ve matured in your approach to them. People may seem withholding, obstructive, demanding or confrontational. But if you’re trying to understand the nature of your connections—as well as what you expect from others and what they expect from you—you’ve learned how to strengthen your relationships and you’ve learned about yourself in the process. Saturn collaborates with Uranus in your network sector on May 19 and November 11, facilitating partnership and teamwork and a good balance between stability and spontaneity in your relationships.

On May 9, the lunar north node enters the house in your chart that’s naturally associated with Gemini matters, encouraging your curiosity in the year and a half that follows. Intellectual pursuits are favored, but resist any urge to follow a guru or to assume you’ve found The Answer. Make contacts in your community and turn to neighbors and siblings for support. Take advantage of opportunities to travel, even if a trip is more a change of scene than a big journey. An active mind and the stimulating pace of daily life will gratify you.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead CANCER

June 21–July 22

Sensitive Crabs may feel like they’re getting it from all sides, with powerful planets lodged in the signs that square and oppose you. You’ll notice the tension on and off in 2017 as those planets quarrel with each other—and those of you born roughly around the third week of Cancer are apt to feel it the most.

With Jupiter in your foundation angle, your home or family may be expanding or improving, or you might be relocating. You could be enthused about decorating, entertaining or learning about your roots. Your underlying mood is fairly optimistic, and your family has hopefully been supportive. Peace and comfort are as important to you as ever. You may have gained clarity about what brought you to this point in your life, and you’re not stuck in the past. After Jupiter arrives in your joy sector on October 10, you won’t be so content to stay in; you’ll be much more interested in going out and having fun. Over the next year or so, you’ll be ready to take more risks for the sake of happiness. Your playfulness, humor and affection will come across effortlessly. Your personality will be in full bloom, as Jupiter inspires you to express your whole self and instills in you the belief that you can fulfill your potential. Luck in love and creativity are big pluses—and you’ll also have luck in procreativity if you’re trying to conceive. Feel free to chase after personal pleasure, and have the courage to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Although much of your attention is on home life now, Pluto’s lengthy tour of your relationship angle is compelling you to deal with changes in your one-on-one connections, and you may be grappling with a particular individual who’s had a powerful effect on you. There could be friction between your family and your mate, or your desire to stay in your comfort zone could make you resistant to intense relationship changes. Try not to attribute too much of what happens in your life to other people.

Due to Uranus hanging out at the top of your chart, when it comes to a parent, a boss, your career path, goals or your reputation, you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you, Your need for security could make these disruptions scary, but part of you is itching to buck the system and change course. Pursue new opportunities in your profession—and maybe switch fields altogether. Be flexible and seek freedom and stimulation in your work. Make the brave choice to liberate yourself from the grip of childhood so you can seek success as an individual out in the wide world.

You’re working hard to achieve your objectives, and Saturn’s stay in your productivity corner—which is coming to a close at the end of the year—ensures that you’ll have plenty to do. Tackle your responsibilities with determination, but stay humble. Be patient, use your energy wisely, sharpen your skills, take health and self-improvement seriously, keep a regular schedule, and make yourself useful.

While Mars is in Cancer from June 4 to July 20, you’ll be motivated to go beyond humble service and tackle your personal agenda. You can accomplish a great deal during those weeks, and you’ll feel bold enough to stand up for yourself and to promote your own interests. Try to work independently as much as possible, since your assertiveness could veer into aggression at times. The Mars-Pluto opposition on July 2 may lead to a power struggle, and you might need to compromise, balancing your own drive with the necessity of sharing control. When Mars quibbles with Jupiter on June 25, you could go up against family, or your ambition could clash with your craving for peace. A harmonious encounter between Mars and Neptune the next day will help you to manifest your vision, fight for the underdog or work to find the truth.

Venus sashays through your sign from July 31 through August 25—a period when you won’t have to work so hard to get what you want. Your magnetism will enable you to draw in the object of your desire, and people are apt to find you charming. You’ll feel more beautiful, sociable, affectionate and agreeable in those weeks, so enjoy the company of people you care about and have fun.

On May 9, the moon’s nodes change signs; the north node enters your worth house, while the south node moves into your sharing sector. Their stay will last 18 months, during which time you’ll be called to let go of your dependence on outside resources and support from other individuals and build self-sufficiency. Seize opportunities to earn what you need. You might lose a loan or grant or other source of financing but gain a source of income. Concentrating on your growing ability to take care of yourself will make you feel more secure and less worried about what others might provide. Make full use of everything you have going for you, including natural talents and abilities. Know what’s most important to you, and prioritize accordingly. The lunar eclipse in your worth house on February 10 puts you at risk of overspending, while the solar eclipse there on August 21 invites you to create a budget and find new ways of making money.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead LEO

July 23–August 22

A lunar eclipse rocks your sign on February 10, pushing your emotions to the brink. Fortunately, this lunation is gelling with several other planets, making it possible for you to express what you’re going through and to blow off steam via an escape. A trip, adventure or learning experience can get you out of your own head if talking doesn’t bring relief. You should also examine your personal priorities and think about taking something off your plate. It’s fine to put your needs first, but respect those of others as well. The lunar eclipse in your one-on-one angle on August 7 could spell drama in a relationship, and it might push one to the breaking point. The solar eclipse in Leo on August 21 signals that you’re due for a major new beginning that will promote your personal growth, so be proactive in seeking healthy ways to reinvent yourself and start fresh.

The north node of the moon moves into your sign on May 9 and will be aligned with this eclipse. The nodes are the points in space where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun). When a new moon occurs close to a node, it’s a solar eclipse, while a full moon near a node is a lunar eclipse. With the north node in Leo for a year and a half, you’ll make beneficial connections that bring opportunities into your life, and people will turn to you more, as this node represents a path of development for everyone. You’ll be like a beacon during those 18 months and will possess more confidence. Although you’ll receive increased recognition, it’s not about attention so much as leadership. Feel free to express your individuality, but be strong for others too. Some relationships could come to an end during this period, as you’re being encouraged to relinquish dependence and grow as an individual.

Leo hosts go-getter Mars from July 20 until September 5, fueling your will to go big or go home. You’ll have nearly seven weeks to work hard and show the world what you can do. Don’t hesitate to pursue your goals, further your interests and assert yourself, but operate independently if you can, so you don’t end up strong-arming others. You can accomplish a great deal, especially on August 22 and September 2, when Mars collaborates with Saturn and Uranus.

While Venus waltzes through your sign between August 25 and September 19, you’ll have the added advantage of effortless magnetism. You’ll draw people to you with your amiability and warmth and will feel more attractive and sociable. You’re in the mood to enjoy life and should be able to attain what—and whom—you desire with relative ease. Venus will be traveling retrograde in your intimacy zone April 2–15, complicating closeness and sharing and possibly tempting you to hook up with an ex. Nostalgia is natural, but rekindling the flame is another matter altogether.

Mercury backpedals through Leo from August 31 to September 5, making it harder for you to express yourself verbally. But since Venus and Mars will both be in Leo at the time, you should be able to compensate by showing your feelings and taking action. Avoid making any big decisions; reassessing a personal matter would be a better use of your brainpower.

With Jupiter cruising through your cognition-and-communication house, your brain has been busy, and your mindset is considerably optimistic. Learning, writing, traveling, gathering info and improving the way you express your thoughts all go in the plus column. You might also be busy interacting with lots of people, striving to make your community a better place or enjoying your bond with a sibling. Don’t worry if you can’t take a long vacation or explore faraway places. In this house, Jupiter is accentuating the pleasures of shorter domestic getaways. Once the planet of expansion crosses your foundation angle on October 10, over the next year and a half, you could relocate; improve your current space; enjoy better relations with family or roommates; learn about your roots; grow to understand your private feelings or childhood issues; and meet people with whom you feel at home. If you need help from your family, just ask. They’ll probably be very supportive while Jupiter is in this part of your chart. Jupiter clicks with Neptune in your depth zone on December 2, coaxing you to become more conscious of your emotional underpinnings, heal and let go of the past. Psychotherapy would be extremely productive and cathartic while Jupiter and Neptune transit these houses.

Saturn is finishing up his tour of your joy sector this year, where he’s been compelling you to commit to building your own happiness. You’re determined to become a fulfilled, well-rounded person, and you’re taking a more resolute approach to expressing your whole self. Love, creativity and fun aren’t simply popping up spontaneously; you’re making them happen. Keep working hard to bring your unique gifts to the world and to write your singular life story. Saturn joins forces with Uranus in your exploration corner on May 19 and November 11, expediting learning experiences, creative breakthroughs and useful insights. A measured belief in yourself, an open mind and a desire to be liberated from old boundaries will help you to consciously construct your future.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead VIRGO

August 23–September 22

Mercury—your ruling planet—will be retrograde April 9–May 2, August 12–September 5 and December 3–22 this year. Plan ahead so you don’t end up signing contracts, having important conversations, making major purchases (particularly technology) or coming to life-changing decisions during those periods if you can avoid it. And be patient with communication and travel glitches. This too shall pass! Geminis and Virgos are often more directly affected than others by Merc retro, since the messenger planet rules your signs. Part of the retrograde phase in August will take place in Virgo (August 12–31), so it’s likely to feel extra personal. You’ll probably be somewhat tongue-tied, and your thinking will be rather muddled. However, doing more observing than talking will help, and contemplating personal matters—a recent choice, for example—could prove productive.

Venus turns retrograde herself this year, backtracking through your intimacy and relationship houses from March 4 until April 15. Although her presence in that section of your chart will stimulate your desire for companionship and closeness, those areas of life are bound to be challenging during the six-week retrograde. You could feel unsupported, but chances are you don’t really know what you want from someone. Rather than trying to get blood from a stone, focus on evaluating your relationships. Reflect on past experiences; look for ways that you might be blocking love; examine sexual hang-ups; ask yourself what you value in a partner or good friend; and contemplate how you express your feelings, maintain harmony and bond with people. An ex might reappear, or you might find yourself recreating an old scenario in your love life, but connections aren’t straightforward during Venus retrograde, so postpone a major reconciliation until the second half of April at the earliest. Simply making peace with people you’ve quarreled with would be less dicey. The planet of love and beauty pays a visit to Virgo from September 19 to October 14, making you feel more loving and beautiful! You’ll be in an agreeable, affectionate, sociable mood, and others are apt to find you charming and gracious—even irresistible. Your ability to draw in what (and whom) you desire and your inclination to enjoy life should make this a pleasurable period of the year.

Mars travels through Virgo from September 5 to October 22, overlapping with Venus’s visit. He’s more interested in motivating you to take action to get what you want than he is in coaxing you to magnetize it. You’ll have the energy to pursue your goals and promote your own interests, so try to cram a lot in during these weeks. And work independently if you can, since you’re likely to come on strong if you attempt teamwork or partnership. A Mars-Neptune opposition on September 24 implies someone could take the wind out of your sails, while the Mars-Saturn clash on October 11 means domestic obligations, private insecurity or the weight of the past might get in your way. But on October 1, Mars collaborates with Pluto in your fulfillment zone, empowering you to take a big risk and go after your heart’s desire. And the Venus-Mars meetup in your sign on October 5 puts the law of attraction firmly on your side and encourages you to act on your passion.

Jupiter is still lounging in your value sector, inspiring you to grow your income, improve your self-worth and make the most of your resources. Aspire to be more self-sufficient and increase your security by discovering new means of providing for yourself. Expand your earning power by tapping into the full range of your natural talents and using them wisely. Don’t overestimate your financial assets to the point where you’re overspending. Develop a strong sense of your personal ethics and values, and use that to guide you in assessing your true needs and wants and setting priorities. You might also opt to try your luck at the lottery while Jupiter is in this house.

After the planet of prosperity segues into your thinking-and-talking corner on October 10 for a 13-month stopover, you’ll derive such benefits as positive thinking, confident self-expression, prolific writing, good sibling relationships and enlightening interactions. You could enjoy many short trips or strive to improve your local community. You’ll probably have a lot going on in your head and in your daily life, and you may increase the circle of people you’re in touch with. This is an opportune time to broaden your mind and convey your ideas with courage.

Saturn is winding down his time at the bottom of your chart, and you’ve probably been taking on responsibility in your family or home or grappling with adversity there. Continue to organize your living space, as an orderly base of operation can provide structure in your life. Work on learning to read your own mood and nurture yourself. Psychotherapy may be useful now. Make an effort to come to terms with childhood patterns, your backstory and your sense of belonging to—and your sense of separateness from—your family of origin. Unpack emotional baggage and work through anything that’s keeping you stuck in the past. Avoid becoming overly dependent on a parent or parent figure. Recognize that you can be responsible for your own safety and comfort. Lay a solid internal foundation for a successful future.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead LIBRA

September 23–October 22

Jupiter’s tour through your sign continues until autumn, so you have several exhilarating months ahead of you. Since last September, you’ve been on a personal journey, discovering who you are and expanding the possibilities of who you can be. You’re taking more risks and daring to be quite optimistic about your future. Maybe you’ve been traveling more than usual or are planning a big trip. You’re opening your eyes to a wider swath of the world and experiencing a sense of freedom as you explore new ideas and beliefs and embrace stimulating adventures. This is your time to seize a plethora of opportunities, all in the name of personal growth. If you’ve been saying yes to everything, Jupiter’s retrograde phase from February 6 to June 9 nudges you to pump the brakes and scale back. Use those months to reassess which opportunities and aspirations mean the most to you and to take stock of how far you’ve come. Between June 9 and October 10, you’ll be wrapping up what you’ve started and striving to make the most of all that you’ve learned.

Jupiter in Libra faces off against Uranus in your one-on-one angle on March 2 and September 27—an opposition that first occurred around Christmas last year, underscoring strain between your personal growth and your relationships. It may seem like your quest for freedom is costing you some connections, but resisting change isn’t the solution. Your relationships would be in a state of flux even if you tried to stabilize them by stifling your own evolution—so don’t think of this as either/or. Giving people more space to be who they are will ameliorate some of the tension. Jupiter spars with Pluto in your foundation angle on March 30 and August 4, picking up their fight where it left off on Thanksgiving last year. You may feel torn between the future and the past, and in this case, personal growth might be threatened by your own emotional turbulence. Your family may be resistant to a new you, and coming to terms with the past will pave the way for building a bigger and brighter future. Those of you born roughly around the third week of Libra will feel the friction of Jupiter’s feuds with Uranus and Pluto more acutely than other Libras.

On October 10, Jupiter moves into your worth zone, turning your attention to growing your income, maximizing your resources, making smart use of your talents, improving your self-esteem and becoming self-sufficient. So you’ll segue from learning who you are and expanding the possibilities of your future identity to learning what you have going for you and expanding the possibilities of meeting your needs.

Venus—your ruling planet—turns retrograde in your one-on-one angle on March 4, so although you’re in the mood for companionship and are inclined to maintain harmony in your interactions, it may start to feel like people aren’t meeting you halfway. An ex could come out of the woodwork, or you might find yourself longing for one. It’s best not to jumpstart an old connection during this period, as feelings are apt to be unclear. Interactions won’t be exactly what they seem, so wait until May if you’re thinking of reconciling. Venus shows up in Libra on October 14 and lingers there until November 7, giving you more than three weeks to magnetize what (and whom!) you desire. Flirting and turning on the charm will come even more naturally than usual, and you’ll be in an extra agreeable, outgoing mood—so make plenty of social plans and enjoy life.

Mars visits your sign from October 22 to December 9, overlapping with Venus for a couple of those weeks. Venus allows you to draw in what you want, while Mars mobilizes you to go after it. Pursue your own goals rather than collaborating with others because your assertiveness could lead you to dominate people. Keep an eye on passive aggression also. You can accomplish a great deal during these seven weeks, furthering your own agenda in the process. Mars skirmishes with Pluto and Uranus on November 19 and December 1 respectively, so you’re likely to experience some resistance and perhaps even conflict on those days. When Mars teams up with Saturn on December 6 a few days before leaving Libra, a final push to get things done will be successful.

With Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner for the past couple of years, you’ve developed a more mature mindset and have been speaking with more authority. This is his last year in that part of your chart, so try to make the best of it. Focused, serious, organized, judicious thinking is a major plus, while insecurity and pessimism can work against you and should be overcome if possible. You may be having difficulties with siblings or neighbors that need to be worked out with a cool head. Fortunately, Saturn is making you more aware of how you think and talk, so you have a chance to improve your habitual modes of communicating and perceiving and processing information. A Jupiter-Saturn confab on August 27 generates a winning combination of optimism and pragmatism about six weeks before Jupiter leaves your sign. Take advantage of this pairing by crafting a realistic, carefully considered plan for achieving your lofty aspirations.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead SCORPIO

October 23–November 21

A lunar eclipse rocks your ambition angle on February 10, bringing a goal to fruition or causing drama with higher-ups. This lunation pushes you into the spotlight and could spell a turning point in your career path or life direction. You might opt to promote yourself based on your accomplishments and capabilities, but be ready to shift gears and maybe relinquish an outdated objective. The solar eclipse in that house on August 21 nudges you to launch a new chapter in your professional life or formulate long-term intentions that will improve your status. This eclipse is aligned with the lunar north node, which crosses your ambition angle on May 9, setting up shop there for the next 18 months. The nodes are the points in space where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun). With the north node at the top of your chart and the south node at the bottom, you may benefit from professional and public opportunities and are likely to enjoy good relations with authority figures. But you could have trouble balancing home and work and might end up making sacrifices in the former. You’re apt to put more energy into your outer life if your family and living situation are stressing you out or not providing pleasure.

Jupiter finishes up its trip around your chart this year, continuing to hide out in your subliminal corner until the fall. You’re learning from your dreams and intuitive insights, having private revelations, experiencing spiritual and internal growth, gestating exciting inspirations in your imagination and gaining an underlying sense of faith. You might seek a spiritual guide or make a selfless sacrifice for the benefit of others. You’re attuned to the metaphysical world or feeling connected to a higher truth.

But here’s the best bit of news: All of this is preparing you for the very personal journey that will start when Jupiter shows up in your sign on October 10 for a 13-month stay. Scorpios born in the first half of the sign (roughly through the first week and a half of November) will feel it more in 2017 than later Scorps will. Because Jupiter rules knowledge and the sun represents your core identity, this will be a period of getting to know yourself better. Jupiter provides confidence and optimism and encourages you to realize your full potential. Chase after new experiences, unfamiliar ideas and beliefs, foreign cultures and people who are different from you. Take chances, seize opportunities and say yes to more, in a quest to expand your world. Explore new possibilities of who you can be—and note that travel and learning can inform the person who you’re becoming. Embrace Jupiter’s spirit of freedom as you move through this exhilarating growth process. Jupiter syncs with Neptune in your fulfillment sector on December 2, showing you that your personal development can put your elusive ideals of love and happiness within reach.

With Saturn winding down his tour of your worth house this year, your budget has been tight and your income probably isn’t exactly on an upswing. This strict planet is compelling you to get your finances in order—something that will work to your advantage in the long run. Control your spending; keep a detailed account of expenditures; take stock of your resources, recognizing all of your assets; clarify your personal values and needs; and determine the basis of your self-esteem. Try not to beat yourself up too much, and don’t succumb to fears of loss, limitation and lack. Saturn’s conferences with Uranus in your productivity corner on May 19 and November 11 imply that a disciplined financial strategy will make a difference in your daily life. Furthermore, changes in your work can enable you to gradually shore up your security.

Omnipotent Pluto—your ruler—is empowering your mind, but he’s also generating deep, dark thoughts and possibly trouble with a sibling or in your community. He’ll be retrograde from April 20 to September 28, which may calm a crisis brewing in your brain and lead you to become even more introspective and private. Don’t force yourself—or be forced into—any big decisions during that period.

Venus sashays into your sign on November 7, where she’ll be lingering until December 1, increasing your amiability, beauty and warmth. You’ll feel sociable and will find it easy to express your affection, so spend time with people you like. Venus helps you to attract the object of your desire, making this a favorable time for dating. November 16 is especially promising, given that the love planet is vibing with Neptune in your romance house that day.

Mars—your coruling planet—charges through Scorpio from December 9 to January 26, 2018, mobilizing you to fight for what’s important to you, pursue your goals, go after what you want, get a lot done and further your own interests. You’ll have plenty of energy and won’t hesitate to deploy it for your own purposes, but your assertiveness could veer into domination if you’re not careful. It’s best to work independently if you can, so you don’t wind up steamrolling other people. When Mars joins forces with Neptune on December 7, channeling your momentum into a creative project, making the first move in a romance, helping someone you love or losing yourself in a highly pleasurable experience will be worth it

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead SAGITTARIUS

November 22–December 21

Saturn is winding down his three-year trip through your sign, and those of you born in the last third of Sagittarius will feel his influence more in 2017 than you have in the last couple of years—while early Sagittarians should start to sense him easing off. The taskmaster planet has been compelling you to grow up and structure your identity more definitively so you can reap the reward of becoming your true self and thriving in the world. You’ve withdrawn to some degree and painstakingly unlearned inaccurate aspects of your self-image. Stripped of false and outmoded facets of your persona, you’re more vulnerable than usual. You may be uncharacteristically lonely, tired, cut off from others and even glum at times. But Saturn is ultimately setting you up for very calculated success. Hard work, accountability, authority, responsibility and perseverance are strengthening you. Ideally, you’re turning into a self-possessed human being with great integrity. Saturn’s retrograde phase from April 5 until August 25 gives you time to assess your growth and prepare for the home stretch. Recalibrate if you need to during those months. His conferences with Uranus in your joy sector on May 19 and November 11 enable you to blend planning and spontaneity and help to lighten the serious tone in your life. New love, fresh sources of happiness and creative bursts offset your recent gravity. While you feel compelled to play by the rules and take on the role of an upstanding member of society, you’re still an individual who wants to lead an exciting life.

Jupiter—your ruling planet—is passing through your hopes-and-humanity zone and will remain there until the fall. New people are coming into your life, and you’re enthused about seeking out fresh interests and goals. You’re expanding your network, and your faith in teamwork should be fairly strong. Jupiter is increasing the potential for learning from your various associations with groups. People are apt to inspire you, and your friendships should thrive during this period. Philanthropic endeavors are likely to be especially productive, and professional networking is highly favored. Jupiter’s retrograde phase lasts from February 6 to June 9—a good time to press pause and consider the circle of people you know, your various affiliations with organizations and your newest wishes and objectives. Consider who adds the most value to your life and what contribution you most want to make to the world.

Jupiter’s fights with Pluto on March 30 and August 4 suggest financial pressures or your shifting values may not be in sync with group interests. Or you may have high expectations of what people can give you, and your intense need for their support could trouble you. Try not to get impatient; change is happening—albeit more slowly than you’d like. Your ruler’s faceoffs with Uranus on March 2 and September 27 pit group interests against personal pleasure, as your social calendar and friendships compete with your independent whims and possibly a romantic relationship. Try to balance the joys of freedom with the benefits of being able to rely on others.

On October 10, Jupiter segues into the last house of your chart for a 13-month stay, giving added importance to your internal faith and possibly making you feel more connected to a higher power. You could seek a spiritual guide, as you’ll be more attuned to the metaphysical world. Growth will come as a result of selflessness or sacrifice, so you’re encouraged to act in service of others. You can learn a lot from your dreams during this transit, so you might opt to keep a dream journal. Jupiter seeks to unlock the doors to your unconscious, heighten your intuition and open up your imagination.

After Venus turns retrograde on March 4, she’ll spend the rest of that month backtracking in your joy sector. An old love affair could start up again, but no one’s judgment will be on point, so you’d do well to wait until May before you consider getting back together with an ex. Revise a creative project, rediscover an old pleasure or reconnect with a fun friend. Next, the planet of love and beauty backs through your domestic angle April 2–15, calling for you to renew family ties; patch things up with a roomie or give each other more space; reevaluate your décor; or spend quiet time alone. She dances through your sign from December 1 through December 24, making you feel your most attractive and friendly and helping you to draw in what you want without having to work too hard. You’ll be in high spirits, so get out and have a good time, enjoying the company of your favorite people. Given the festivities of the holiday season, that shouldn’t be too hard!

However, you should note that Mercury will be retrograde in Sagittarius from December 3 through December 22, making verbal communication more challenging. With Venus working for you and Mercury playing the trickster, you’re better off showing people how you feel instead of trying to tell them. Travel will also be more of a headache than usual, so take deep breaths if you run into delays or detours. And don’t get too frustrated if you’re misunderstood. Everyone’s wires are crossed during Merc retro, but when it’s backpedaling in your sign, it tends to feel more personal

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead CAPRICORN

December 22–January 19

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about Pluto in Capricorn for several years now, but because he’s the slowest-moving planet, it’s possible that you have yet to experience the full impact of his ongoing journey through your sign. Caps born roughly between January 7 and January 10 are likely to feel the influence of Pluto most acutely in 2017. The death-and-rebirth planet is pushing you to slowly reinvent yourself, and you don’t have much choice in the matter. Your personal transformation is quite intense, and it’s a private, internal process that can manifest outwardly as a compulsion to control things. The urge to control yourself and your success might not concern others, but the urge to control your interactions, your environment and other people can have a ripple effect. The detoxification process you’re going through is undeniably a painful one, but the end results will be positive.

Pluto is traveling retrograde from April 20 to September 28, during which time you might feel him easing up, giving you a chance to evaluate the nature of this major shift, how well it’s going and how you feel about it. Jupiter at the top of your chart squares off with Pluto on March 30 and August 4, renewing the squabble they had on Thanksgiving last year. You’re aiming very high now, and your ambitions could trigger your control issues and lead you to operate in a destructive manner. You may need to take it down a notch so you don’t explode—or implode. Choose your battles, and rest assured that you have the power to achieve great things. And gently remind yourself that rebirth is inevitably preceded by death.

Jupiter has been at the pinnacle of your chart—the area that’s naturally associated with Capricorn matters—since last September and will remain there until October. This transit amplifies your goals and can bring public or professional recognition as well as career opportunities. Your expectations of success are as big as they’ve ever been, and you’re probably keeping a high profile in accordance with your elevated aspirations. Your willingness to take on more responsibility could land you a leadership role. The efforts that you’re making to get ahead are likely to result in significant progress, as Jupiter is generous with its rewards. Don’t let success go to your head, though; Jupiter’s lofty position can result in an overbearing, arrogant attitude. Be proud of what you’re capable of accomplishing, but don’t blow your importance out of proportion. Use the chances you’re being given wisely, and pursue your goals with confidence.

Jupiter faced off against Uranus in your foundation angle the day after Christmas last year and will do so again on March 2 and September 27. You crave the freedom to pursue your objectives, but your family, living situation or underlying emotional state isn’t providing you with a sufficiently stable home base. Emotional, domestic or familial changes have unsettled you, and juggling such private matters with your ambitions is creating tension within you and possibly around you. You’re feeling uprooted, but you need to believe that liberating yourself from the past will feed your growth in the long run.

On October 10, Jupiter segues into your hopes-and-humanity zone for a 13-month visit, encouraging you to set your sights on fresh goals and interests. Partly as a result of that transition, new people will be coming into your life. Professional networking, teamwork and philanthropic aims are all favored, and your friendships are apt to thrive. You can learn a lot from your various associations with others, and joining groups will inspire your ambitious hopes for the future. Jupiter’s meeting with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner on December 2 facilitates all of the above, so reach out to people that day.

However, with Saturn camped out in the last house of your chart, you’ve had one foot in the past. Your ruling planet will finally pull up stakes on December 19, 2017 and begin his three-year stay in Capricorn—his first since 1988–1991. For most of this year, you can set yourself up for success by wrapping up unfinished business. Don’t be afraid of endings now; they’re vital to your growth. Work through issues in your subconscious and get closure. Learn not to self-sabotage, and disengage from others’ expectations as you feel your old identity starting to erode. Institute a regular spiritual practice that centers you, and get more rest. You tend to think in concrete terms, but this is a period when you should take your imagination, your intuition, your dreams and your soul’s fulfillment seriously. You probably feel somewhat isolated, as you’re being called to attend to your inner life. Saturn is retrograde from April 5 to August 25—an excellent time for you to focus on reflecting and releasing. The Saturn-Uranus collaborations on May 19 and November 11 also drive home the point that an ending can be emotionally liberating, so be willing to let go and move on.

Goats close out the year with lovely Venus in your sign (December 24–January 17, 2018), making the holiday season extra special. You’ll feel affectionate and sociable and are bound to enjoy being around people. Venus gives your beauty, warmth and charm a boost, so others will be magnetically drawn to you. Bear that in mind when you’re standing under the mistletoe!

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead AQUARIUS

January 20–February 18

Perhaps the biggest news for Aquarians this year is that the lunar south node is entering your sign on May 9 for an 18-month stay. The nodes are the points in space where the moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic (the apparent path of the sun). When a new moon occurs close to a node, it’s a solar eclipse, while a full moon near a node is a lunar eclipse. So for about a year, Aquarius will periodically host an eclipse. On August 7, the lunar eclipse will bring your emotions to the surface, and it calls for you to do what the south node’s year-and-a-half-long visit to your sign also asks of you: Release! You’re likely to feel vulnerable, but whatever you do, don’t go it alone. Keep reminding yourself that no (wo)man is an island. With the north node in your others angle, turn to people for support and you’ll probably receive it. The north node brings opportunities and allows you to take in what you need in that area, while the south node is where you eliminate. You won’t feel your strongest, so lean on other individuals. For instance, if you experience any health issues, consult experts who can help improve your wellbeing. Old behavior is apt to catch up with you now, so it’s a good time to kick a bad habit. You might opt to recruit an exercise buddy, but that’s just one example of drawing strength from relationships. Be willing to make sacrifices, to shed past karma, perhaps even to lose some part of your self-identity. Take good care of your body, but try not to focus too much on your appearance. Your greatest possibilities lie in your one-on-one relationships. Around the time of the lunar eclipse, consider how you can bring the self/other axis into better balance.

All of the signs will be affected by Venus’s six-week retrograde phase in March and April, and since she’ll begin backtracking in your house of thinking and talking, you might struggle to think happy thoughts and express positive feelings from March 4 through April 2. That house also rules siblings and community, so your relations with your brothers and sisters and neighbors might be more challenging during this period. Since this part of your chart has to do with writing, that’s an ideal month to revise a writing project, especially a creative one. You might also find it cathartic or simply enjoyable to reread old journals or correspondence (e.g. love letters). After Venus backs into your worth zone on April 2, extravagant spending could become a problem and payments may be delayed. Between then and April 15, you might contemplate personal values and priorities, your relationship with money and what you base your self-esteem on.

Jupiter remains in your exploration corner until October 10, inspiring you to broaden your horizons. You’ll have luck breaking out of a rut, and you can easily transcend your daily routine through travel and learning. When you can’t manage to get away, take a mental trip by reading, watching a foreign movie, attending a cultural event or engaging in some other activity that expands your mind. Education and new experiences are vital to your growth, and it’s important to remain optimistic and open to different ideas and beliefs. Interacting with a wide range of unfamiliar people will help to open up your world. Have the courage to take risks in the interest of increasing your consciousness.

When Jupiter ascends to the pinnacle of your chart on October 10, the 13 months that follow will be highly ambitious ones. Career opportunities and public recognition could definitely be forthcoming. You’ll be very motivated to make significant progress, and you’re likely to receive credit and even accolades for your accomplishments. You’re eager to take on more responsibility or to boost your status, and your confidence in your work will be an asset. But avoid being arrogant or domineering, as your dealings with higher-ups would suffer as a result of such behavior. Just be proud of what you’re capable of, and you’ll get noticed.

This is Saturn’s last year in your humanity sector, so stay committed to becoming a more mature, conscientious member of society. Take professional networking seriously; dedicate yourself to an altruistic cause; work on being a better friend; join organizations; craft a practical plan for checking things off your bucket list; connect with people who share your interests and goals; be cognizant of your various roles in the lives of others; participate in productive teamwork; and start turning your attention to new dreams.

With Uranus going retrograde on August 3, hopefully your mind won’t be racing as much as usual for the rest of the year. Since your ruling planet has slowly been making his way through your mindset-and-communication house, your brain has been in overdrive and you’ve probably been quick to share your thoughts. Brilliant insights and exciting discoveries have been bonuses, but you may have found the pace of daily life a bit overwhelming, and you’ve probably felt scattered and anxious at times. While Uranus is in this house, you often don’t know what to think and may find yourself questioning what you thought you knew to be true. After August 3, pause to get your bearings and ponder what you’ve learned lately.

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead PISCES

February 19–March 20

2017 starts off with Mars in Pisces, giving you the momentum to accomplish a great deal in the first four weeks of the year. You’re motivated to work hard and prove yourself, and your assertiveness will permit you to further your own interests. Since you’re not inclined to compromise now, teamwork isn’t the way to go. Operate on your own if you can, to avoid dominating others. Burn off excess energy via physical activity such as a challenging workout. Mars squares off with Saturn in your authority angle on January 19, so you’ll probably feel blocked or discouraged by higher-ups or a system and shouldn’t push your luck. Avoid reacting in anger; slow down and work methodically.

On February 26, a solar eclipse arrives in Pisces, symbolizing your annual fresh start. You’ll have the impetus to reinvent yourself, so it’s a good time for a makeover if you’re in the mood for one. Give some thought to the image you project and whether or not people are seeing the real you. Neptune is aligned with the eclipse, calling your attention to the murky signals that you might be putting out. Your intuition can help guide you to a new beginning that nourishes your spirit this year.

With Neptune lingering in your sign for several years (until 2025), you may feel extra vulnerable, and the presence of the moon’s south node in Pisces for the past year has probably multiplied this effect. But the south node is exiting your sign on May 9, and you should start to feel less needy and dependent after that. Interestingly enough, the node is backing into the house in your chart that’s naturally associated with Piscean matters, calling for you to allow pent-up emotions, regrets and guilt to wash away. The temptation to retreat into your imagination, overdo escapism, shun logic for illusion and get lost in the spiritual ether will be greater than usual, and you’d do well to ground yourself with sound judgment, a strong work ethic, a regular routine and a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Fishes born roughly around the first week of March will be under Neptune’s influence more than others this year. Neptune’s long trip through the sign it rules has brought out the best and worst that Pisces has to offer. Imagination, spirituality, idealism, perceptiveness, compassion, kindness and empathy have all been enhanced. But so have gullibility, self-deception, spaciness, overindulgence, hypersensitivity and helplessness. It’s not easy to recognize Neptune’s influence, due to its inherent vagueness, but make a concerted effort to maintain self-awareness so you can embrace the positive qualities and circumvent the negative ones. Your ruler’s retrograde phase between June 16 and November 22 provides ample opportunity to regroup. If your Piscean permeability is causing you to take in negative energy, do your best to release it. If you’re lost in a fantasy world, translate your dreams into plans. Neptune has softened the edges of your ego, but your identity may have become malleable to the point where you’re not sure exactly who you are, and neither are others. You’re in touch with your deeper self, and during the retrograde, you should contemplate how you can integrate more of your core nature into your persona. Also examine porous boundaries in your relationships and ask yourself if you’ve fused with someone based on fantasy—and perhaps a yearning to be saved. It’s tempting to get lost in a relationship when finding yourself seems daunting. Although clarity is elusive when you’re under Neptune’s spell, you might use these five months to process the slow, subtle metamorphosis of your self-identity and your shifting perception of reality.

Jupiter’s journey through your sharing sector is teaching you about trust, intimacy and interdependence and enhancing your understanding of your own psyche. Outside sources of funding are forthcoming, and you may be paying off debt, securing a grant or benefiting from joint resources. Research and investigation are favored, and a business partnership is likely to thrive. After Jupiter segues into your exploration corner on October 10, you’ll move on from a theme of mutual support to one of personal expansion. The 13 months that follow call for optimism, faith, vision and a growing awareness of all that life has to offer. Embracing travel, education and unfamiliar experiences, ideas, beliefs, people and cultures will open up new worlds to you, allowing you to grow past the boundaries that you’ve consciously or unconsciously set for yourself.

While Jupiter brings good fortune, Saturn rewards you only when you’ve earned it. He’s wrapping up his visit to your ambition angle this year, where he’s pushed you to work hard to achieve your goals and become more authoritative and responsible. Strive to live up to what’s expected of you. Conquer fears of failure, and decide that you’re going to continue to prove yourself.

In contrast, while Venus is in Pisces January 3–February 3 and April 2–28, you’ll look good without trying, and others will be inclined to give you what you want. Your warmth and friendliness will draw people in, plus you’ll feel attractive and agreeable. However, Venus is backtracking in your sign April 2–15, making you (and plenty of other people) feel more introverted, so don’t take it personally if relationships and socializing seem challenging. Ponder your self-image and make self-love a priority during this phase.

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Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen 2017: Your Year Ahead
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