Free People Horoscope By Tracy Allen, Week of August 10-16

What does the universe have in store for you this week? There’s only one way to find out…

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July 23–August 22

Jupiter leaves Leo this week, segueing into your worth zone where it will spend the next 13 months. Your income and bank balance may increase, but your spending could as well, so be mindful of splurges. You’re encouraged to expand the resources available to you, tapping into your full range of natural talents. After your year of personal growth, you should have more confidence in what you have going for you. Try to learn more about finances, and let your highest values be your guide in allocating assets. The new moon in your sign is linked with the sun and Venus, and it’s also clicking with Uranus in your vision sector and clashing with Saturn in your roots angle. So your fresh start involves aligning your current self-identity, needs and desires with an updated personal philosophy and leaving what no longer serves you behind you. Put the past to rest, and embrace beliefs that promote your continued growth.


August 23–September 22

Growth-oriented Jupiter arrives in Virgo this week for a 13-month stay, heralding a period of personal development. The planet of expansion last visited your sign August 2003–September 2004 and broadened your horizons in some manner. This will be a phase for discovering truths about yourself, exploring your potential and expressing different sides of your personality. Jupiter wants you to feel freer and more optimistic and to have the courage to take risks. Fresh opportunities are apt to come your way, and you need to seize them with confidence. Try to maintain your humility without being as cautious as usual. Be open to new possibilities, and if you’re inclined to travel, make it happen. Mercury in Virgo is opposing Neptune in your relationship angle now, clouding your communication. But if you need—or want to offer—creative consultation or compassion, speak up. Mercury’s harmony with Pluto suggests powerful self-expression through love, art or play.


September 23–October 22

With wise Jupiter slipping into the last house of your chart this week, where it will remain until September 2016, introspection becomes essential. Jupiter is prompting you to bravely seek truths in the murky corners of your subconscious in an effort to understand yourself better and accept your imperfections. Aspire to have more compassion for yourself and others and to grow your faith. The belief that we are all connected will inspire you. Spirituality, intuition, dreams, imagination and release are important in the coming year, and inner wisdom can complement conscious thinking. This is a favorable period for freeing something inside you that has been suppressed. The sun and moon are aligned with Venus in your network zone and jibing with Uranus in your relationship angle, alluding to new friends and contacts. But they’re fighting with Saturn in your worth house, so limited funds or confidence or rigid values could be an obstacle to overcome.


October 23–November 21

Aspirational Jupiter moves into your hopes-and-humanity sector this week and lingers there for the next 13 months. You’ll begin to shift gears and formulate new interests and goals. And subsequently, the circle of people in your life is likely to widen, as you come into contact with others who share your new objectives. Friends, peers and professional contacts can teach you a lot, helping you to develop a new perspective. Hopefully, you’ll feel supported and inspired, and your faith in people will increase. You’ll benefit from the generosity of your network, so be sure to circulate plenty. As your ideals expand, aim to make the world a better place. In the short term, a new moon in your ambition angle is fighting with Saturn in Scorpio but meshing with Uranus in your productivity zone. Watch for how you might be blocking your own success, and be willing to improve your tactics, habits, productivity, skills and efficiency.


November 22–December 21

Your ruler Jupiter climbs to the peak of your chart this week, heightening your ambition for the next 13 months. Optimism will inspire you to set bigger goals, and you might take on a leadership or teaching role. You won’t want to keep a low profile during this period, as you’ll be feeling confident. Still, if you need guidance, seek a mentor who can help you to find—or advance on—your path. Recognition could come in the form of a promotion or a new job, and your social status or public reputation might also improve. Avoid becoming overbearing, because this transit could make you seem too driven to get to the top. The new moon in your exploration house is clicking with Venus and Uranus but clashing with Saturn, implying that an upbeat perspective, learning, adventure, new forms of self-expression and new sources of happiness will stimulate you, yet you still have some finishing up to do.


December 22–January 19

Jupiter enters your exploration zone this week for a 13-month stay. Take full advantage of every opportunity you get to broaden your horizons during this time. You’re encouraged to travel, learn and seek experiences outside your comfort zone and people who are different from you. Expose yourself to unfamiliar subjects, beliefs and cultures, and cultivate a perspective that springs from your expanding vision. Orient yourself toward the future, grow your faith and aspire to be a more conscious person. You need to have the courage to take risks if you are to get the most out of this period. With Mercury in that house vibing with Pluto in Cap, you’ll be able to articulate your philosophy in a way that resonates now. The new moon lures you to consider your need for closeness and how breaking free from the past can help you to invest in relationships. Groupthink may run counter to this somehow, but you can transcend it.


January 20–February 18

With idealistic Jupiter segueing into your sharing sector this week, the next 13 months will have a theme of deriving benefits from outside sources. Money through such sources as loans, grants, inheritance and tax refunds should flow more freely, and you’d do well to pursue funding if you need it. A business partnership would likely be positive, as would an intimate relationship. This house is about merging, and Jupiter will make you feel more optimistic about trust and closeness. Exploring your bond with another person, a subject of interest or your own psyche is favored—so besides intimacy, you may find yourself inspired by a research project, solving a mystery or delving into personal issues to understand yourself better. The current new moon also encourages you to meet people, form new connections and perhaps take an existing relationship to the next level. But pay attention to how your focus on goals affects your rapport with others.


February 19–March 20

Beneficent Jupiter crosses your one-on-one angle this week, hinting that the next 13 months will involve a positive focus on close relationships. You’re apt to meet foreigners, people who are different from you and people who open up a new world to you. It should be fairly easy to connect with someone who can teach or mentor you, and you stand to learn a lot from others. And although you’ll become wiser through your relationships during this time, you’ll also become wiser about relationships—and about who you are when you’re in one. Your faith in humanity will increase, as will people’s generosity. Remember that positive interactions will be facilitated by positive beliefs. At the moment, Mercury is opposing Neptune in Pisces, making one-on-one communication murky. A Mercury-Pluto collaboration suggests that group relating could be more fulfilling. The new moon promotes a fresh start with your job, health, diet, fitness, habits, skills, schedule, productivity and work ethic.


March 21–April 19

No-limits Jupiter begins a 13-month stay in your efficiency house this week, calling for positive changes that enhance your daily life. This is a good time to take on additional duties, boost your work ethic, learn the art of time management, seek more freedom in your job, expand your skillset and improve your health, diet and fitness. Increased productivity will give you a greater sense of fulfillment, so hold yourself to a high standard—motivated by optimism, not perfectionism. Traveling for work is a possibility, or you might broaden your horizons by being of service to a wide range of people. The new moon in your self-expression zone is in sync with Uranus in Aries, encouraging fresh paths to love and happiness. A burst of creativity, romance or humor will hit the spot, but with Saturn in your sharing sector, closeness may feel heavy. If someone’s not up for your idea of fun, do your own thing.


April 20–May 20

This week, expansive Jupiter lands in your joy sector for a 13-month stay, bringing more love, creativity, happiness, play and self-expression into your life. Such blessings are liable to come in the form of opportunities that you must recognize and grab ahold of with both hands. Jupiter is generous, but it also promotes courage and open-mindedness, so it’s important to think outside the box in terms of what will make you happy and to take some risks. Express your individuality and your feelings, and have faith in your potential to contribute something unique to the world. The new moon in your roots angle is gelling with Uranus in your releasing zone, prompting you to let go of the past and cut the apron strings. Consider how you can start turning to yourself more for comfort and security. Taking care of your own needs may trigger resistance in others, but you need to create an inner foundation that supports you.


May 21–June 20

Bountiful Jupiter crosses your domestic angle this week, where it will be hanging out for the next 13 months. You may relocate somewhere far away, move to a bigger place or improve your current living situation in some way. Your family is apt to be generous and supportive, so if you need their help, have the courage to ask. Try to understand your private emotions better, and ask yourself what will make you feel more comfortable, secure and at peace. You should gain a positive perspective on your backstory and feel optimistic about putting down new roots to establish a sense of belonging. Tending to your home life and your inner self will yield results. This week, you’re likely to contemplate where you’re headed and feel a bit lost. But deep introspection or talking to a confidant can transform your emotional state. It’s also a good week for reconnecting with people, changing your mind and professional networking.


June 21–July 22

After boundless Jupiter enters your cognition-communication-and-community sector this week, you’ll have 13 months loaded with thinking, talking and circulating. You’ll be busier than before and might take more short trips than usual, perhaps finding inspiration quite close to home. Your relations with your siblings should be smooth, and you could learn from them. Everyday encounters can also be educational, and you’ll be taking in a lot of information, some of which may present opportunities. Have the courage to state your opinion honestly and directly, but don’t be afraid to grow beyond old thought patterns and beliefs. Try to understand the way your mind habitually works, then expand your thinking. Contemplate the future with an optimistic attitude. The new moon in your worth zone is coaxing you to combine a shift in your finances or priorities with your changing life direction. You may need to get past an emotional or creative block in order to do so.

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