Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 27–July 3

Wondering how the stars are aligning this week? There is only one way to learn…

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June 21–July 22

Venus in Cancer is vibing with Neptune and Jupiter this week, making it easier for you to connect with a wide range of people and feel in sync with the world around you. An open mind and a desire to learn will enrich your experiences, and others are apt to pick up on your positive attitude and respond favorably towards you. But Venus is also opposing Pluto in your one-on-one angle, setting you up for a potential power struggle or an intense attraction that could veer into obsession. Manipulation and jealousy can cause problems in a relationship now. With Mercury entering your sign, you should be able to ponder personal matters with objectivity and express yourself with clarity and authenticity. Mars is turning direct in your joy sector after more than ten weeks of traveling retrograde there, so your pursuit of pleasure will gradually get easier, and if you’ve rediscovered an old source of passion recently, you’ll feel more able to act on it. Creativity, love and play will start to seem more straightforward. If you’ve felt like your heart hasn’t been in anything lately, hopefully you’ll notice that changing in the coming weeks. And a sun-Neptune collaboration will keep your spirits up and your sights set on your ideal future.




July 23–August 22

The sun in your spirit sector is gelling with Neptune in your depth zone this week, coaxing you to spend quiet time alone reflecting and recharging your battery or share private time with someone, enjoying the closeness you crave. Venus is also harmonizing with Neptune, further encouraging pleasurable retreat and intimacy. And her meeting with Jupiter in your worth house suggests that taking care of someone can make you feel good about yourself, while letting go of possessions can help you to better manage your resources. This might be a good opportunity to focus on your truest values and free yourself from an unhealthy attachment. Venus’s faceoff with Pluto in your efficiency corner means solitude, spirituality, daydreams and relaxation will have to compete with your to-do list, job responsibilities and everyday problems such as a health issue. Try to balance a desire for peace with the need to attend to pressing matters. With Mars resuming forward motion in your foundation angle, any anger that you’ve been stuffing down inside you should start to find a suitable outlet, and misdirected emotions can get straightened out. Difficulties involving home or family will start to ease, and you’ll feel more able to deal with your living situation and your relatives in a productive manner.



August 23–September 22

Mercury enters your humanity zone this week, helping you to network professionally, communicate with groups and formulate new objectives. Venus and the sun are also in that part of your chart, and they’re meshing with Neptune in your one-on-one angle, helping you to click with people rather effortlessly. A platonic connection could turn romantic, or shared ideals could enhance a relationship. A feeling of spiritual kinship with someone is especially likely now. Taking care of—or making a sacrifice for—a friend is favored, as you’re inclined to place more importance on the interests of others than the needs of your ego now. A Venus-Jupiter confab ties your personal growth to your friendships, professional contacts and associations with groups and also inspires you to socialize and network in order to expand your world. However, Venus’s opposition to Pluto in your fulfillment house implies that sex, jealousy and control could create problems in a friendship or a romantic relationship. Your love life and social life are apt to clash in some way now. Fortunately, Mars is finishing its ten-week retrograde phase, shifting your mindset. You’ll start to feel more motivated and able to think through a course of action. Mental stress will ease, and you’ll begin to assert yourself directly instead of arguing due to agitation.



September 23–October 22

Venus is at the top of your chart and gelling with Neptune in your efficiency corner this week, increasing your chances of doing creative, fulfilling work. Your ability to get along with colleagues and higher-ups while serving a meaningful purpose will work in your favor. Venus is also clicking with Jupiter in your spirit sector, implying that if you take your ego out of the equation and aspire to learn, guide or help, you’ll enjoy success. A sun-Neptune collaboration further inspires you to shine your light and strive to be useful. And with Mercury ascending to your ambition angle, career planning and communication with authority figures gains importance. But a Venus-Pluto opposition suggests that family or domestic turbulence, subconscious aggression or compulsive behavior could undermine your public or professional image, and you may need to keep your emotions in check. Obsession with appearances is another potential drawback of this transit. As Mars wraps up its two-and-a-half-month retrograde period, the danger of ill-conceived financial moves recedes, and you can begin to move forward with a new approach to money and possessions. In the coming weeks, you should start to feel like you have more control over your security and are better able to meet your needs and act in accordance with your deepest values.



October 23–November 21

Venus and the sun in your expansion house are connecting with Neptune in your joy sector this week, so stimulating experiences, new people, learning, travel and other forms of exposure to a wide range of what life has to offer can induce a feeling of flow. Opening your mind and broadening your horizons will provide a pleasurable escape from the mundaneness of daily routine. Another possibility: You’ll fall for a person who’s foreign to you in some way. And Venus’s confab with Jupiter in your network zone further encourages you to interact with people outside your comfort zone, as you’re apt to feel more connected to them than you might expect. Since Venus is opposing Pluto, though, obsessive thinking, manipulation or a power struggle could interfere with optimism and social rapport. Your enjoyment of a trip, cultural experience or someone’s company might be disrupted by a crisis in your head. If you experience any angst, remind yourself what you have to look forward to. With Mars going direct in Scorpio after several weeks of traveling retrograde, it’s time to reengage your passion and your will. Your frustration should begin to ease as your pent-up energy slowly finds an outlet. You’ll feel less lethargic and will start to make considerable headway in the coming weeks.



November 22–December 21

Venus in your depth sector is vibing with Neptune in your foundation angle this week, inviting you to spend time alone with someone getting close or relax at home enjoying your privacy. Romantic intimacy and pleasurable introspection are both favored by this transit. The sun is also making the same connection with Neptune, further encouraging you to delve deeply into a relationship or your own psyche. Self-awareness and emotional catharsis are major rewards within your grasp now. And a Venus-Jupiter collaboration hints that partnership and outside resources will boost your chances of success. But Venus’s faceoff with Pluto in your worth zone hints that you’ll need to balance your own interests with those of another person. Jealousy, possessiveness, control and distrust could pose problems, and a willingness to negotiate and compromise will help. Plus, the sun in your sharing house is clashing with Saturn in Sag, calling for you to be extra flexible in a relationship. With Mars coming out of its retrograde phase in the last house of your chart, you’ll start to feel less apt to undermine yourself and more able to work effectively—albeit behind the scenes. Hopefully you’ve grown increasingly conscious of repressed anger and subconscious motives and can begin to utilize your energy for worthwhile aims.



December 22–January 19

With Venus and the sun in your one-on-one angle vibing with Neptune in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, your rapport with other individuals will be greatly enhanced by a calm mindset and feelings or expressions of empathy and caring. Imagination, spirituality, love, idealism and kindness can all cast your interactions in a positive light. A laid-back attitude and a willingness to compromise can keep conversation and goodwill flowing. Plus Venus is gelling with Jupiter in your expansion sector, encouraging you to connect with people outside your usual circle and to enjoy an adventure with someone. But Venus is facing off against Pluto in Capricorn, so compulsive behavior, controlling tendencies, obsessiveness, jealousy or self-destructiveness could interfere with your ability to maintain positive relations with others, and you may need to remind yourself to take it down a notch if inner turbulence threatens to destroy the peace. As Mars turns direct in your humanity zone after traveling retrograde for the past two and a half months, teamwork, friendship, humanitarian endeavors, group activities and professional networking will begin to get easier. In the coming weeks, you might decide to join a group or change your role in one, work through a conflict with a friend, sever ties with certain people or pursue a freshly revised objective.



January 20–February 18

This week’s Venus-Neptune connection inspires you to operate based on your spiritual values and do something purely for the good of others. Being of service to a loved one and feeling useful will fulfill you, and you should be able to put worries about your own needs and security aside for the time being. A sun-Neptune collaboration further enables you to channel your energy into doing what needs to be done without focusing too much on personal gain. This might be a good time to tackle a possession purge. Venus’s encounter with Jupiter implies that working on a relationship will pay off, or doing valuable work will teach you something about yourself or give you a sense that things are changing for the better. And taking good care of your body is apt to make you more open to intimacy. Venus’s clash with Pluto suggests your enjoyment of work, good health and everyday life might be undermined by compulsive behavior carried over from the past or by subconscious, destructive emotions that need to be confronted. With Mars going direct in your ambition angle, you’ll gradually regain your footing and start to make progress in your career or achieve success with a goal. As your drive returns, try to focus it on objectives that merit your passion.



February 19–March 20

Venus and the sun are clicking with Neptune in Pisces this week, which bodes well for your creativity and love life, not to mention your personal pleasure. It shouldn’t be too difficult to enjoy life and express your personality and feelings now. Play, romance, humor and hobbies will make you feel positive and fulfilled. Hopefully you’ll have an experience of being understood for who you really are, as your authentic, whole self is shining through. Venus is also vibing with Jupiter in your one-on-one angle, further inspiring romantic moments and plenty of faith and goodwill in your relationships. Venus’s opposition with Pluto in your network zone implies that friendship, socializing, pressing goals and teamwork could get in the way of you doing as you please and having a good time, and you may need to compromise at some point between your own desires and the interests of others. But with Mars finally resuming forward motion in your exploration corner, disagreements, travel difficulties and learning challenges will start to resolve. You should feel your perspective returning, and you’ll slowly get a better sense of what you can believe in and what’s worth fighting for. The range of possibilities for your future should gradually open up again, and you’ll be more motivated to pursue a worthwhile path.



March 21–April 19

Venus is harmonizing with Neptune this week, favoring relaxation at home—either enjoying the peace and quiet of your own company or the comfort of people who feel like family to you. You might find yourself in the mood for entertaining, daydreaming, reminiscing, getting close to someone, cooking, baking or decorating, and any of these activities are apt to prove pleasurable. And Venus’s collaboration with Jupiter suggests that you can get a lot done in in your own home, and it won’t feel like work. The sun is also in cahoots with Neptune, underscoring the need for you to unwind and get in touch with your inner world. But Venus’s faceoff with Pluto in your ambition house means you’ll probably feel compelled to accomplish something in the outer world as well. A power struggle with an authority figure is another possibility, or you could feel drawn to someone who has power over you or someone older than you. Mars is going direct, so you’ll gradually be able to deal with joint resources more effectively and approach partnership in a healthier, more straightforward way. Issues around give-and-take can get ironed out when you get to the bottom of hurt, mistrust and anger. Channeling passion appropriately can get an endeavor or relationship back on track.



April 20–May 20

Venus and the sun in your thinking-and-talking house are clicking with Neptune in your humanity zone this week, facilitating positive personal interactions and group relations. You’ll be able to see the best in people and express your affection with ease while also enjoying a pleasant sensation of fitting in. Shared ideals or spiritual values in particular can allow you to bond with others. Venus is also vibing with Jupiter, favoring flirting, romance, humor and expressions of fondness. Or you might find that you’re full of creative inspiration now. Venus’s opposition with Pluto in your outlook corner could generate an obsession with a belief, idea or point of view, or your amiable rapport may be disrupted by the compulsion to fight for what you think is right. You might be enjoying living in the moment but experience pressure—internal or external—to figure out the future. Now that Mars is wrapping up his retrograde phase, your frustration with another person should start to ease, or progress in a relationship will gradually resume. If you’ve been projecting resentment and anger onto others, make a conscious effort to put things right. An old conflict may have been dredged up, and it will seem less laborious to sort it out as Mars gets back up to speed.



May 21–June 20

Mercury enters your worth house this week, turning even more of your attention to finances, possessions, values and self-esteem. With Venus and the sun already in that house and clicking with Neptune in your ambition angle now, this focus on your income and your resources can dovetail nicely with creative and professional aspirations. Home in on what’s most important to you and concentrate on making the most of what you have going for you—such as your natural talents—in order to achieve your aims. Loving yourself for the right reasons will help you to envision your higher purpose. Venus is also harmonizing with Jupiter in your domestic angle, which could put you in the mood to decorate, craft, collect or pull together photos and mementos. A Venus-Pluto faceoff can pit your needs and desires against the interests of a partnership though, calling for some sort of compromise. Sex, jealousy, trust, possessiveness or control might be at the crux of a relationship problem now. Mars is turning direct, so you’ll begin to feel more motivated and productive in the coming weeks, and changing your modus operandi will increase your efficiency. You might find that it’s best to take a different approach to your health or job, a problem, a task or your daily routine.

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