Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June 6–12

See how the stars are aligning this week…

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May 21–June 20

The sun and Venus join forces in Gemini this week, helping you to radiate your particular brand of charm, beauty and creativity outward to the world. Your personality will come across in your interactions, and others are apt to respond to you positively. Although socializing is favored, since the sun and Venus are struggling with potent Pluto in your closeness sector, you might not be on the same page in a particular relationship. But Venus is gelling with Uranus in your network house, so the attention you get from friends or a group is likely to gratify you. Spontaneous fun with stimulating people is indicated by this transit, and you might make a new friend now. Be careful how you speak to colleagues, because Mercury in your subliminal corner is opposing Mars in your work zone. Since Mars is retrograde, you might have to redo a task or revisit a problem, but given Mercury’s hidden position, perhaps you’re not getting a situation out into the open and saying what you should. Let your intuition and research inform your approach, and resist criticizing anyone too harshly.



June 21–July 22

With the sun and Venus aligning in the last house of your chart this week, your imagination comes alive, and dreams can seem more real than waking life. Let go and drift in whatever way you’re able to. Meditate, listen to music, watch movies, sleep, get engrossed in a creative endeavor, swim or just allow your mind to wander. Releasing your ego—and possibly a past love—would be a positive choice, and making a sacrifice for someone you care about would also feel good. The sun and Venus are out of step with Pluto, so it might feel like the balance of power in a relationship is off, and again, loosening your grip is the answer. Venus’s meetup with Uranus in your ambition zone implies that not expecting recognition may work in your favor with higher-ups. An opposition between Mercury in your network sector and Mars in your fulfillment house could result in a disagreement with friends or peers. Your pursuit of personal pleasure is somehow running counter to groupthink, and the impulse to do your own thing might not sit well with others, so try to balance individual pursuits and cooperation.



July 23–August 22

The sun meets up with Venus in your network zone this week, enhancing your relations with others. Expressing your personality and your feelings will help you to feel more connected to humanity. Although Leos want to be recognized for their uniqueness, there are times when it’s quite reassuring to know that you’re not alone—there are other people whose hopes and dreams intersect with yours. This is a good time for you to socialize, join a group, attend a large event and do some professional networking. Because the sun and Venus are in conflict with Pluto, your job, daily duties or other responsibilities may interfere a bit with such pursuits, and you’ll probably need to juggle. Spontaneous adventures are favored, as Venus is gelling with unpredictable Uranus in your exploration house. Mercury in your ambition angle is facing off against Mars in your domestic sector, so your mind may be on your career and goals, but you still have to attend to matters at home or in your family. Simmering anger or aggression may come out when you speak to authority figures, so be mindful of your tone.



August 23–September 22

This week, the sun and Venus meet up at the top of your chart, helping you to shine in your profession or in public and make a favorable impression on people who can help you to achieve your goals. Keep a high profile, and hopefully you’ll gain some form of recognition. When others see what you have to offer to the world, they’ll be inclined to affirm your value. Virgos are often humble, hard workers who want to solve problems and make themselves useful, but this is a period for giving your ambitions free rein and showing off a little. Both the sun and Venus are clashing with Pluto in your self-expression zone, though, so you may need to adjust your creativity or individualistic self-expression to accomplish what you want to and convey the desired image. Tension between Mercury in your perspective corner and Mars in your communication house points to a disagreement or a conflict between asserting yourself and learning from someone who has more knowledge. Try to balance inquisitiveness and conviction; say what you think or pitch your ideas, but be flexible enough to revise your stance.



September 23–October 22

The sun links up with your ruler, Venus, in your exploration zone this week, promoting the appeal of broadening your horizons. You’re encouraged to learn for pleasure—perhaps beginning a new course of study or traveling to expose yourself to a different culture. You can also learn plenty about yourself and about the world through relationships during this time—by seeking out a wider variety of people and by having new experiences with people you already know. Since the sun and Venus are both squabbling with Pluto in your foundation angle, your interest in branching out might be curtailed temporarily by family or domestic turmoil or a power struggle with a parent. But Venus’s connection with Uranus in your partnership angle prompts you to find someone who makes you feel free and courageous and is up for a shared adventure. A Mercury-Mars opposition could affect a negotiation or intimate dialogue, and asserting your needs is apt to upset the equilibrium between you and another individual. An argument over money, sharing or values is possible. Strive to balance complex thoughts with practical concerns.



October 23–November 21

The sun and Venus are teaming up in your depth sector this week, emphasizing the importance of revealing yourself to another person and feeling loved, as well as the value of knowing yourself (or someone else) deeply and loving who you (or they) are. Intense sex, emotional intimacy and introspection will be gratifying, and you can gain awareness of the way you’re wired by pondering your own psyche or by experiencing closeness. Both the sun and Venus are quibbling with your Pluto, suggesting that dark thoughts, heavy words or a compulsion to maintain control can interfere with loving partnership and self-acceptance, so try to stay conscious of how you’re thinking and speaking. A faceoff between Mercury in your one-on-one angle and Mars in Scorpio could mean that in the process of pursuing your own agenda, you’ll generate discord in a relationship and perhaps end up in an argument. Alternatively, someone might say something that causes you to overreact. It’s fine to air grievances, but be careful not to project your frustrations onto another person. With Mars backtracking in your sign, your behavior may not be terribly straightforward and can easily be misunderstood.



November 22–December 21

Thanks to a meetup between the sun and Venus in your one-on-one angle this week, your interactions with other individuals are apt to be pleasant and engaging. Getting along well with people and being yourself with them will feel extra gratifying, so don’t spend too much time alone. Companionship will energize and inspire you and keep you in a good mood. A creative or romantic partnership is especially favored now. You’re inclined to indulge others in an effort to meet them halfway, and the reverse is likely to be true as well. Venus’s connection with Uranus hints at spontaneous fun and liberating affection. Doing something enjoyable and out of the ordinary can enhance a bond. Since the sun and Venus are clashing with Pluto in your worth house, difficulty involving finances, possessions, values or self-esteem can disrupt interpersonal harmony, though. Mercury’s opposition with Mars calls for you to think through what you’re doing, as you’re given to acting unconsciously now and could end up undermining yourself. Your logical thought process may run counter to your less rational behavior, and it may be necessary for you to correct yourself.



December 22–January 19

This week’s sun-Venus rendezvous in your productivity corner highlights the link between looking good and feeling good. The planets are encouraging you to value your health and to take excellent care of yourself. It’s time to recognize—and honor—the interconnectedness of your mind, body and spirit and to foster the wellness of all three. A positive daily routine can help you to do so. You’re willing to work to improve yourself, and you also have an agreeable attitude about working on a relationship. Your interactions with coworkers are likely to be pleasant under this influence. But since the sun and Venus are in conflict with Pluto in Capricorn, you should be prepared to loosen your grip; don’t try to dictate the right way of doing something. Venus’s meeting with Uranus can bring an opportunity to let go of an emotion in an effort to keep the peace. A Mercury-Mars faceoff pits creative or individualistic thinking and self-expression against teamwork, and again, you may need to compromise. Contribute your two cents, but maintain a spirit of collaboration to avoid a disagreement with friends, colleagues or peers.



January 20–February 18

With the sun and Venus aligning in your fulfillment house this week, you’re inspired to create, play and love. Allow your personality and feelings to shine through—you’ll enjoy life more and people will enjoy your company. Aquarians are individualists, but they’re also group-oriented, and that dichotomy sometimes produces inner tension. Give yourself permission now to be unique. Revel in the pleasure of standing out, and for the moment, forget about fitting in. Romance, artistic expression, humor, games and hobbies can all feel satisfying. A Venus-Uranus link promotes sharing what’s in your heart, and the payoff will be a feeling of liberation. Quirky forms of fun and creativity are also favored. The sun and Venus are squabbling with Pluto, so repressed anger or a troubling ending could undercut your happiness, and you may need to bring something unpleasant to consciousness in order to get past it. A Mercury-Mars opposition indicates that expressing your feelings might conflict with your pursuit of a goal or reflecting on the past might conflict with moving forward. Avoid venting your frustration around higher-ups, and try to balance home life and career or emotions and ambitions as best you can.



February 19–March 20

A meeting of the sun and Venus at the bottom of your chart this week highlights the pleasures of home and family and encourages you to spend time with people who feel like family to you or in places that feel like home. You’ll probably be in the mood to nest and indulge in comforts like delicious food. You might also choose to do some decorating, and giving your décor a very personal touch is important. You want your space to reflect your private self and to give you a sense of wellbeing and belonging. The sun and Venus are both battling Pluto in your network zone, suggesting that friendship, new objectives or group interests could conflict with your enjoyment of home or family. But Venus’s link with Uranus in your worth house might mean that being flexible with your resources will enhance your mood and help you to do as you please. Mercury’s faceoff with Mars warns you to watch what you say, as your words are apt to sound combative now. Aim for a healthy balance between fighting for your ideas and beliefs and asking questions to get more information.



March 21–April 19

The sun and Venus hold a summit in your thinking-and-talking corner this week, facilitating vibrant self-expression, creative ideas and energetic, pleasant interactions. Your glass-half-full mentality can fuel flirting and an appreciation for engaging conversations and beautiful surroundings. You should be in an agreeable, affectionate mood and inclined to reach out to people, exchange views and convey your feelings. And Venus’s encounter with Uranus in Aries can inspire liberating love or spontaneous socializing. You might change your mind to such a degree that your whole outlook gets sunnier. The sun and Venus are quarreling with Pluto, though, so your boss, a bureaucracy, your career path or your general life direction could temporarily cast a dark cloud over your frame of mind. Also, Mercury in your worth sector is opposing Mars in your sharing house, so your thinking about your needs may conflict with the reality of joint resources. An argument over money, possessions, values, priorities, jealousy or sex is possible, although this opposition needn’t play out in such a way. Strive to balance your personal assessment of wants and needs with your efforts at give-and-take.



April 20–May 20

An alliance between the sun and Venus in your worth zone this week gives you full permission to focus on such Taurean matters as possessions, material needs and desires, finances, nature, personal values and self-sufficiency. You’re apt to identify strongly with what you have and what’s most important to you, and it’s appropriate to focus on your relationship with money and things, asking yourself if they serve your needs or the other way around. Making good use of your unique talents will shore up your sense of security now. Since Venus is clicking with liberating Uranus in your release sector, this is a great time for decluttering. Bulls love their stuff, but letting go of some of it can feel freeing. Both the sun and Venus are sparring with Pluto in your perspective corner, so a crisis mentality may affect your self-assurance momentarily. And Mercury in Taurus is facing off with Mars in your one-on-one angle, suggesting a difference of opinion with another individual or a conflict between your self-expression and a collaborative effort. And with Mars still retrograde, rehashing an old argument is a likely scenario. Try your best to balance self-interest with cooperation.

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