Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 29–October 5

Free People Horoscopes by Tracy Allen, Week of September 29–October 5

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September 23–October 22

Venus makes her grand entrance in Libra this week, helping you to draw in what you desire. Your demeanor is apt to be gracious, personable and charming, and people will be attracted to the vibe you’re giving off. You want to see people and enjoy yourself, but with the sun in your sign fighting with Pluto in your emotions angle, an underlying heavy mood could dampen your spirits if you let it. You might feel like your light and dark are at war with each other, and this could trigger an external event. Rather than zeroing in on that, pay attention to what’s going on inside you. A Mars-Uranus collaboration hints that asserting yourself in conversation could pique the interest of someone new and different or change an existing relationship. Or you might meet someone on a short trip. Spontaneous travel with a friend or significant other is also a possibility. Your financial judgment suffers when Mercury turns retrograde in your worth zone, so watch your spending.




October 23–November 21

Venus sneaks into the last house in your chart this week, where the sun is already tucked away. Imagination, forgiveness, selflessness and spirituality are emphasized by the concentration of energy in this sector. But when the sun spars with Pluto, the challenge is getting your subconscious mind and conscious mind to work together. Your intuition or imagination is probably at odds with your willfully controlled thinking. You could get into a power struggle with someone, but need to recognize that an internal struggle underlies the external one. Mercury is turning retrograde in Scorpio, so although you may feel misunderstood, self-reflection will be worthwhile. This is a good time to change your mind about yourself in a positive way. With Mars collaborating with Uranus now, doing something about your finances, possessions, self-worth or values dovetails with a positive change in your routine, work or health. Act on your priorities. Build up your confidence. Put your values to work. Now is the time to try something new.



November 22–December 21

Venus shows up in your group house this week, putting you in a social mood. You’ll be most content when you’re around plenty of people, but a conflict over money, values, priorities or confidence could arise among friends or colleagues. Avoid stubbornness. Focusing on your positive feelings for people and caring about what’s best for everyone will help. Mercury’s retrograde turn in your subliminal sector may increase slips of the tongue, but it should also heighten your intuition. Review something that’s coming to a close or revise an imaginative project. Thanks to Mars in your sign jibing with Uranus in your joy sector, you can do something that leads to a creative or romantic breakthrough. Take action to liberate a new side of yourself. Risk-taking is favored now, so it may not be as crazy as it seems in the moment to act on an impulse and do what makes you wildly happy.




December 22–January 19

Venus climbs to the top of your chart this week, creating favorable circumstances in your professional life. You can attract positive attention and appeal to your boss, but you need to watch out for a sun-Pluto clash that spells trouble in this same area. Be conscious of power, control, intensity, obsession and destructiveness—all Pluto buzzwords—and how those in authority might perceive them in relation to you. Aim to shine but not steamroll. Show appropriate respect for hierarchy and your place in it. Take the credit that you’ve earned thus far—no more, no less. With Mercury stationing retrograde in your network house, misunderstandings with friends or peers are a possibility. Use this time to reexamine an ideal or your attitude toward a group. A fortuitous meeting between Mars and Uranus points to taking action that will get you closure and liberate you from the past. And confronting something in your subconscious can lead to emotional insight, perhaps shifting a family dynamic.



January 20–February 18

Your desire to travel, learn, have new experiences, meet different people and broaden your horizons grows after Venus dances into your expansion house this week. The sun is already there and struggling with Pluto in your subliminal sector, pitting tumultuous emotions just beneath the surface against your drive to break free. You’re apt to undermine yourself if you fail to recognize that the turbulence originates in your own subconscious. Facing your dark side empowers you to live in the light. With Mercury going retrograde at the top of your chart, be extra mindful of how you speak to people with authority over you. Use this time to rethink a specific goal or your career path—and perhaps refocus your ambition. As Mars in your group zone clicks with Uranus, teamwork and innovative thinking are liable to go hand in hand. You might make a new professional contact or hit on an insight for how to pursue a new wish or philanthropic endeavor. The key is wide-open thinking.



February 19–March 20

After Venus moves into your sharing sector this week, your desire to get something from someone else grows. You may want closeness, trust or sex, but you could also be looking for some kind of contribution from an outside source such as a grant or loan. With the sun in that same house quarreling with Pluto in your network zone, friendship, your hopes for the future, your place in a group or your professional connections could be at odds somehow with the sharing that you’re after. Since all of the above hinges on other people, don’t take anything too personally. Everyone has their own free will, and you can only be responsible for your own part in things. As Mercury goes retrograde in your expansion house, it’s a good time to relearn something, revisit a place you’ve already been or rethink a belief. With Mars and Uranus synced, going for it right now in your career can change your financial situation or your confidence.




March 21–April 19

With amicable Venus crossing your relationship angle this week, harmony between you and others is a plus. If you’d like to make peace with someone, this is a good period for extending the olive branch. Although you should have a generally positive rapport with people now, a sun-Pluto skirmish hints that a power imbalance or differing goals could get in the way. Put compromise ahead of ego. Another person can motivate you to achieve more than you would if you were only pushing yourself. Mercury’s backward turn in your intimacy zone could make it difficult to confide in someone close to you and feel understood. But research and deep introspection are both positive uses of the retrograde. Thanks to Mars in your exploration sector clicking with Uranus in Aries, a liberating breakthrough is distinctly possible. Taking a risk to expand your horizons will pay off. Venture past self-imposed boundaries to break free from a limited version of who you can be.




April 20–May 20

Your ruling planet Venus’s entry into your efficiency house this week will improve your rapport with colleagues and help you to embrace the idea of getting down to work. Focus on enjoying the little things in your day. Beautify your workspace. Take pleasure in treating your body right. Appreciate your ability to do something well. A sun-Pluto clash hints that current responsibilities can keep you from feeling free and powerful or they can fail to live up to your potent vision of the future. But doing what’s in front of you will ease the pressure. With Mercury turning retrograde in your relationship angle, be patient with one-on-one communication, as misunderstandings are likely to arise. Mars and Uranus are jibing, suggesting that now’s the time to indulge your secret or subconscious urge to do the unexpected when it comes to a passion project, your sex life or a psychological transformation you’re going through.




May 21–June 20

After pleasure-seeking Venus lands in your fulfillment zone this week, you’ll definitely be in the mood to enjoy yourself—indulging in creativity, play, romance and anything else that makes you happy and allows you to express yourself. The sun’s fight with Pluto suggests that something dark or heavy could threaten your lightheartedness. Or you may be fixated on the response to whatever you’re putting out there from your heart. Don’t let anyone dim your light. With Mercury going retrograde, you’ve got enough on your mind. For now, focus on revising a plan, reviewing your work or reexamining a problem. You’ll probably have to deal with a scheduling snafu or job mix-up, and it’s no one’s fault, so don’t get critical. Work in tandem with others to accomplish a group aim, a charitable goal or an exciting item on your bucket list. You might also pursue a relationship with someone you meet through your circle.




June 21–July 22

As Venus dips down to the bottom of your chart this week, you become more inclined to spend time at home or with family. You’ll crave peace and quiet and may get in the mood to redecorate. This could be a great time to let your inner domestic goddess out to play and have people over. Comfort is key, so whether that means nesting solo or cooking for an army, indulge. A sun-Pluto battle hints that your emotional state is out of sync with someone significant in your life, or you could get into a conflict with family. Don’t engage in a power struggle. Throwing yourself into work will pay off, because Mars in your productivity house is collaborating with change-loving Uranus in your ambition angle. Targeted action is essential to forward progress in your career. With Mercury’s retrograde turn, don’t expect to get your creative or heartfelt message across in a straightforward way. Play with new avenues of self-expression.




July 23–August 22

The sun is struggling with Pluto this week, and getting your point across at work, getting along with colleagues or thinking through a problem could be challenging. Or you may feel oppressed by how much you need to get done. But Venus is reminding you to appreciate everyday activities and to make your interactions as agreeable as possible. Notice the positive feelings that you exchange with others in the littlest ways. As Mercury goes retrograde in your roots angle, your mind turns to the past. A misunderstanding with family is possible, but don’t dwell on it. Introspection can help you gain personal insight now. With bold Mars in your joy house gelling with you-never-know Uranus in your exploration house, an opportunity for unfamiliar fun or travel to a place you’ve never been could come up. Or you might pursue someone who’s completely different from you. In any case, taking a risk will open up a new world.




August 23–September 22

You could feel a pull toward pleasure this week that the reality of your finances or your confidence doesn’t fully support, when the sun in your worth zone clashes with Pluto in your fulfillment house. But Venus’s arrival nudges you to appreciate what you have, draw in what you need and make the most of your gifts. If you have your priorities straight and know not only what’s most valuable to you but also what you yourself are worth, you’ll be fine even if you run into friction. With your ruler Mercury going retrograde, you’re encouraged to reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with, rethink an assumption and go back over information you’ve gathered. Anticipate crossed wires, travel delays and iffy judgment, and ride them out with a sense of humor. Taking an emotional risk will bring surprising closeness, and confronting something within yourself will give you insight that can transform you.



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