Freeform Crochet tea cozy, & quot; Mish Mash & quot ;, fits a 6-8 cup pot by 2SistersStringworks

55,00 USD

A whimsical tea comfortable that will certainly add colour to your table while it keeps your tea warm!

My cozies are produced using the strategy of freeform crochet. Each piece is entirely one of a kind.

The product is mainly wool, primarily hand colored and handspun. Every now and then other materials find their method in – alpaca, silk, and hardly ever a bit of synthetic, but I ‘d say each cozy is at least 98 % wool. The hand dyed, handspun yarn has such great texture, and freeforming is a method for making yet more texture. I discover I look and look at a freeform piece and always find a little fascinating bit I did not see in the past.

Each cozy has a slot for the deal with and an opening for the spout. It’s made to fit a6-8 cup pot (it’s envisioned on my bigger Brown Betty pot). This one fits the big pot a bit securely, so if your pot is a little smaller it would still be great.

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