French Butter Keeper, Large, RESERVED for AMY, Made to Order, Two Sticks of Butter, Aqua with Big Happy Red Dot, Butter Bulb by barbdunshee

50,00 USD

French Butter Keeper, RESERVED for AMY, Big, 2 Sticks of Butter, Aqua with Big Delighted Red Dot, Butter Bulb ™
Images are of similar Butter Bulbs ™
Other colors available as made to order (search my & quot; & quot; sold & quot; area is my large version of a French butter crock and holds

two sticks of butter (2 sticks =1 cup=8 oz= 236 mL). I made a video of the easiest method to fill the Butter Bulb ™ My handle the French Butter Keeper. French Butter Meals keep butter soft AND fresh on the counter top

. Fill the leading with butter, fill all-time low with water and the water will develop enough of a seal to keep the butter fresh at room temperature level. It feels sweet in the hand, extremely ergonomic. My design a shallow version of the French Butter Meal cylinder for better butter holding and gain access to. I call mine & quot; Butter Bulbs ™ & quot;. Good for serving goat cheese or other soft spreads too, though I would keep & quot; those in the refrigerator & quot;till serving. Some French Butter Dish standards: -If you make use of unsalted butter, salt the water.

(Hinders mold )-Change the water every 3-4 days -Store from direct sunshine(hot+butter =melted butter!)
Made of porcelain, tossed on the pottery wheel, fired at cone 6 (2200 degrees F.) Food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe. The holes in the foot pedestal permit water to drain in the dishwasher. SHIPPING: I base the US shipping on USPS Priority Mail to the East Coast of the US(I’m on the West Coastline).

I reimburse delivering distinctions great than $2. I can deliver globally too. Please convo me very first and I’ll be pleased to set that up. Можно readily available at Etsy for barbdunshee