Fringe Upcycled Modern Hobo Boho Bag Purse Ruffed tattered denim patched lace crochet tweed geometric southwestern bohemian gypsy pirate by WiseSewcialTies

92,00 USD

This bag is one of a kind made from a second hand store skirt. The lining is the actual skirt lining left in tact. The skirt is a tweed woven canvas cotton linen like fabric with a modern-day geometric pattern in pink black and orange. I have actually made use of contrasting thread on the whole bag to bring interest to the thread stitching. This hobo bag appears bigger then it is being that the purse lining is a bit smaller then the outside panel. The tattered cotton linen ruffle provides this bag BANG for the buck plus all the additional gypsy touches you will discover like lace, crochet, denim quilted spots and tassel beads all recycled left over scraps and discovers.

Bag measures 19.5 x 22.5
Inside lining steps 16 inches deep by 17 inches large.

There are no pockets on the lug. The zipper is functional which is the skirt initial waist zipper that runs vertical to the bag. The bag purse carry does have a flap and snap button with three handels to bring it by. The long jeans deal with was when a tunic leading belt and will allow you to wear this bag over and throughout your body. You can adjust this body handle by tying a knot. The other two deals with are a recycled kids belt with the buckle still in place and are produced carrying the bag close the the body with your hands.

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