Funky Fun Colorful Flowers Vases Folk Art 3 Paintings Original Art Painting by reniebritenbucher

79,99 USD< p class="description"> Three flower paintings with colorful flowers in clay pots with fun and cool styles on every one. These would make a nice grouping side by side, or one on top of the other, or stagger them. Or, you can keep one or 2 and provide the other as a gift! Lots of enjoyable options. Hanging them side by side provides you a good width of 24″ “or if you stack them on top of each other, a great height of 30″”

. This is an initial art acrylic painting done on extended canvas. The paintings extend around the sides, so that you can hang it, right out of the box. No framing is required, unless you decide to do so. The sizing is 24″ “large x 10” “high– 3 paintings, each are 8” “broad by 10” “high. It would be a terrific addition to your art collection.

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Thanks for seeing my work! Size:” 24 “wide x 10″high and.75” deep. * Please keep in mind that a number of my paintings are done “”on need” “so please enable 10 days to 2 weeks. Thank you.

< br/ > IF YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN A DIFFERENT SIZE, I Can Possibly Do IT! I am pleased to reproduce this painting in any size as a commission! Please call me for more details.

< br/ > Other sizing variations are available. Simply ask!

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Funky Fun Colorful Flowers Vases Folk Art 3 Paintings Original Art Painting by reniebritenbucher



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